No gains.

The Daily Grind: Do you like playing MMOs in first-person perspective?

I do not like first-person cameras. At all. Ever. That's not to say there are no games with that camera perspective I like, but...

Leaderboard: Do you prefer first-person or third-person perspective while gaming?

Quantic Foundry, the team behind the Gamer Motivation Model and the modern gamer profiling test, put out a dev blog at the end of...
Bring out your something.

Massively Overthinking: Are isometric MMOs more or less immersive than 3-D?

I was chit-chatting with MOP reader (and prolific tipster!) Panagiotis the other day about Ultima Online's big news when he hit on a topic...

EVE Evolved: Four changes to improve EVE Online for new players

A few months ago, I created a new character and ran through the new player experience for an article on how to get new...
I can see you now!

Saga of Lucimia previews its third-person camera perspective

Do you want to see yourself in Saga of Lucimia? Or see your character, we should specify. The team is making progress on the...
Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.

EVE Online patches in a new camera and skill point trading

The developers behind EVE Online work very hard to make sure that the game is pretty to look at. That's important. But you can...
Cool players don't look at explosions.

Guild Wars 2 shows off its new action camera

The combat of Guild Wars 2 sits in an interesting place between full-on action combat and more traditional combat mechanics, but it definitely edges...

Guild Wars 2 delays first-person view patch

Today was supposed to be the day that Guild Wars 2 entered the world of first-person views, but alas, it was not meant to be. ArenaNet Communications...

Guild Wars 2 elaborates on camera improvements

Forget the living world; it may be that finally allowing players to zoom into a first-person view will be the most significant event that's...

Guild Wars 2 will implement first-person POV in March

File this one under things we didn't see coming: ArenaNet has just announced that it will fulfill a long-running fan request by adding a first-person point-of-view...