Nexon’s Q3 2021 financials tease ‘virtual worlds’ from Embark Studios

Nexon this week released its Q3 2021 financials, which were down 4% year-over-year, largely thanks to the fact that Q3 2020 was so lucrative...

The Stream Team: Securing a Star Trek Online Vulcan ship

Getting a ship for your birthday doesn't sound like a bad deal, does it? Well, it isn't MJ's birthday, but it is Massively OP's...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online turns nine!

Happy ninth birthday Star Trek Online! With the anniversary festivities in full swing, Massively OP's MJ dives in to party with Q and her...

Star Trek Online warps into Discovery’s universe as Stephen Ricossa steps down as exec producer

While Star Trek Discovery has proven to be a divisive entry into the long-running franchise, with some fans hating its take on the Trek...
gotta go to space

Star Trek Online hands out free ships today, but you’ll have to pay for a chance of one from Discovery

Happy Free Ship Day! This isn't us being cute; it's an actual holiday promoted by Star Trek Online every year on its anniversary. Just...

PSA: Get your free Discovery uniforms in Star Trek Online

Did you get a chance to watch the debut of Star Trek: Discovery over the weekend? It is pretty exciting to see the first...

EVE Fanfest 2017: EVE Online joins the hunt for exoplanets through Project Discovery

The scientific community has been buzzing lately with the incredible news that a star system less than 40 lightyears away named TRAPPIST-1 was found...

Crashed alien ship spotted in Elite Dangerous

Finding proof of alien life, even extinct alien life, has been one of the holy grails of explorers in Elite Dangerous. And now pilots have...

EVE Online’s Project Discovery gets an update to combat abuse

It's been a while since EVE Online released its Project Discovery minigame that rewards players for participating in real-world scientific research into cell biology. The project organisers at...

EVE Evolved: Why you should participate in EVE’s Project Discovery

Back at EVE Vegas 2015, CCP Games unveiled an ambitious project that aimed to involve EVE Online players in some really exciting scientific research that could...
Trees! Glorious and present!

The Elder Scrolls Online shows off exploration in its last ‘This Is TESOTU’ video

Do you like to explore stuff? You know, wander off into the wild blue yonder in zones and just see what you can see?...