SuperData and Fortnite studio Epic Games tussle over reported revenue numbers

We've been covering SuperData's monthly reports on the state of the industry for a long time - since before we were MassivelyOP, for that...

Kickstarted survival sandbox Day of Dragons’ early access launch is bogged down by drama

Remember the tussle over in-dev MMO Oath a while back? A sub-contractor for the game accused the developer of screwing with 'em, it hit...

EVE Online’s new HyperNet Relay reintroduces gambling to New Eden

Remember way back in 2016, when CCP Games outlawed gambling in EVE Online's universe after turning a blind eye for over a decade? In...

Pro esports players criticize Blizzard for sticking gamers with the whole WoW Arena World Champs prize pool

World of Warcraft players gearing up for the Arena World Championships and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational will have a bigger prize pool than expected,...

Complete coverage of Blizzard’s ‘Hong Kong liberation’ Blitzchung fiasco

In October of 2019, Blizzard made international news headlines when it banned a Hong Kong Hearthstone esports pro and two Taiwanese contracted casters over...

Physical power armor helmet from Fallout 76 is being recalled due to mold

Remember when the worst thing about Fallout 76 merch was a crappy canvas bag? Get ready to feel the bottom dropping out as it's...

Apex Legends boss apologizes for Reddit dust-up, but there’ll be no auto-da-fé for the devs

It was just a matter of time before the apology came out - we all know how this script goes. Yesterday we covered the weekend...

Apex Legends devs and gamers clash over Iron Crown monetization

Wanna know how not to put out a dumpster fire? Pour some gasoline on it! That's the lesson we'd like to think was learned...

Apex Legends launches the Iron Crown event and provokes riot over monetization

So there's a limited-time event going on in Apex Legends right now, which normally would be a cause of generally happy reactions. However, the...

EVE Online controversy breaks out over new starter pack, CCP addresses the community

EVE Online has a long and complicated history when it comes to the debate surrounding microtransactions. The playerbase literally revolted against developer CCP Games...

CCP Games withdraws all accusations against EVE Online CSM member it banned for supposed leaks

At the beginning of April, we covered the latest scandal to rock MMORPG EVE Online, as studio CCP Games rather publicly removed a member...

Aaaaand now there’s a new temporary City of Heroes rogue server up

This story has been updated several times over the last few days; updates are at the end. The original story follows. Can we just agree...
EVE Online

EVE Online’s CCP Games suggests the real-life politician it banned for insider trading might not be guilty after all

Earlier this month, we covered an emerging scandal in EVE Online: CCP Games had announced that it had removed a member of the current...

Daybreak devs address the Z1 Battle Royale turmoil, vow ‘minimal disruption’

It's been a rocky week for Z1 Battle Royale, as developer NantG laid off a number of its staff before announcing that it was...

Fallout 76 is introducing controversial repair kits to the in-game store after promising no P2W

Back in October 2018, Bethsoft's Pete Hines verbally pounded on the desk stating that Fallout 76's in-game store wouldn't feature pay-to-win items. That insistence...
Who is this guy, man?

BioWare internal memo vows to address studio disarray, says Kotaku’s Anthem exposé was ‘traumatizing’

On Tuesday this week, Kotaku published a devastating exposé of BioWare, interviewing 19 people in the know to reveal a state of "crisis" in...
Hooray, no shouting LFG for hours, that's enticing.

Kotaku’s Anthem exposé unmasks a studio in ‘crisis’ – and BioWare’s response is alarming

Kotaku has another lengthy expose up today, this one homing in on Anthem. Author Jason Schreier interviewed 19 Anthem (and Anthem-adjacent) developers to paint...

Reddit is aflame over the ban of a popular bug-exposing YouTuber from ARK Survival Evolved

Since this article's publication, Wildcard has walked back the ban. We've updated with the whole story at the very end. Not quite a year ago,...

Daybreak’s definitely-not-owner Columbus Nova is back in national news again

Does it ever seem weird to you when companies involved in gaming show up in big political dramas in the real world? Because it...

Escape from Tarkov devs apparently abused DMCA to target more than one YouTube critic

Back in December, we covered trouble brewing in the Escape From Tarkov community, as Russian developer Battlestate stood accused of abusing DMCA takedowns against...