eve valkyrie

Official Site: EVE: Valkyrie
Studio: CCP
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Sci-Fi virtual reality shooter
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC, Playstation 4

Go behind the scenes of EVE Valkyrie’s carrier assault mode

EVE Valkryie is aiming to create a high-octane virtual reality experience, and one of the strongest weapons in its arsenal to provide that is...

EVE Valkyrie unleashes Carrier Assault update, new map, and new singleplayer missions

CCP has pushed out EVE Valkyrie's very first big content patch today. Called Carrier Assault, the update introduces a new game mode by the...

CCP announces Carrier Assault patch for EVE: Valkyrie VR shooter

CCP has today announced a free update for VR-centric EVE: Valkyrie, the star of which is a new game mode called Carrier Assault. "Until now...

EVE Fanfest 2016: CCP Falcon on Fanfest, the EVE community, and harassment

Over its almost 13 years of operation, sci-ci MMO EVE Online has gained a largely undeserved reputation for antisocial behaviour. EVE is built on...

EVE Fanfest 2016: EVE Valkyrie launching a carrier assault later this spring

The virtual reality EVE Valkyrie is striving to prove that it's not just a passing fad. The starship dogfighting game announced that it's prepping...

EVE Fanfest 2016: Full cross-platform play is planned for EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie will eventually be playable fully cross-platform, according to a presentation given today during EVE Fanfest 2016. The game has already launched on the...

EVE Evolved: What to expect from EVE Fanfest 2016

Ask the average gamer what he knows about EVE Online and after the word "boring" and a spreadsheet joke or two, he'll probably talk about stories...

Atlas Reactor launches Vive preview, EVE Gunjack launches on Vive, EVE Valkyrie confirms Vive arrival in 2016

If you're not quite sure you'll want to play Atlas Reactor when its closed beta launches on April 14th, then today's playable preview might...
Darn it, Tad Williams, why.

Betawatch: You may completely believe that Otherland is back on Steam (April 1, 2016)

Yes, we've all had fun with today's joke, but you can probably 100% believe the fact that Otherland is back on Steam after a...

EVE Gunjack also launches on Oculus Rift

Lest you forget, EVE Valkyrie wasn't the only EVE Universe title that launched on the Oculus Rift yesterday. A smaller but no less notable...

EVE Valkyrie launches today alongside the Oculus Rift

CCP's VR shooter EVE: Valkyrie opens its doors today alongside the formal launch of the Oculus Rift platform and 29 other titles. "We intend to be...

Oculus Rift launches next week, could turn your room into a VR chamber

Next Monday, virtual reality will take another step from hypothetical discussion topic to actual reality with the launch of the Oculus Rift. The VR...
You were never real after all.

Betawatch: EverQuest Next is gone, Landmark is launching (March 11, 2016)

We cannot wave farewell to EverQuest Next in this column because it's never actually been in testing. We will be able to wave farewell...

EVE Valkyrie shifts from testing to launch this month

Do you all remember betas? They used to be something games went through, back in the days before early access, alphas, pre-alphas, and pre-pre-alphas....

DUST 514 will sunset on PS3 in May, replaced by new PC FPS

CCP Games has just announced that it will be sunsetting its EVE-universe shooter DUST 514 on the PlayStation 3 platform on May 30th. The...

EVE Evolved: Three things you don’t want to miss in 2016

In the previous edition of EVE Evolved, I looked back at some of the big highlights EVE Online throughout 2015. It was a year that revolutionised...
Good, sure, but $600 of good?

Betawatch: Oculus Rift-bound EVE Valkyrie plans alpha (January 8, 2016)

The good news for eager VR fans is that EVE: Valkyrie's first alpha test will start up on January 18th for use with the...
This'll be a great idea.

EVE: Valkyrie’s alpha test will kick off on January 18th

If you've already put your money down for the $599 Oculus Rift, you might be curious about when you can actually get some games...
Probably not this one, then.

The Oculus Rift costs a staggering $599

Did you think the Oculus Rift would be $350? Not so fast: Oculus is asking $599 US for its sweet chunk of virtual reality equipment. As...

Oculus Rift will begin accepting preorders this week

All right! Who's ready to hand over what will likely be more than $350 for virtual reality equipment? Oculus announced today that pre-orders for the...