EVE Fanfest 2016: EVE Valkyrie launching a carrier assault later this spring


The virtual reality EVE Valkyrie is striving to prove that it’s not just a passing fad. The starship dogfighting game announced that it’s prepping a free content update for late May or early June that will take players into a brand-new battle mode.

This update is themed around an assault on a giant carrier. Obviously, this is a pretty daunting challenge for smaller fighters and will take place over three stages. The first stage is a skirmish to take out the carrier’s shields, the second is an attack on and around the carrier itself, and the third will take pilots inside the carrier to destroy its core.

To keep players from getting bored due to long travel distances during the carrier assault, the devs are adding in a speed boost gate that will give fighters a temporary rush of extreme velocity.

We’ve got the carrier assault gameplay video after the jump!

Source: EVE Valkyrie
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