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Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with VR on my phone. I know, not the ideal VR experience but I had...

Global Chat: Comparing SWTOR’s and Star Wars Squadrons’ space battles

With Star Wars Squadrons now on the scene, a comparison between that game and SWTOR's galactic starfighter content was all but inevitable. MMO blog Galactic...

Fight or Kite: Return of the PvP in Star Wars The Old Republic

With the launch of SWTOR on Steam this week (and totally, completely, not a beautiful coincidence), I finally reclaimed my account and rejoined the...

Choose My Adventure: The thrilling escapades of a Star Wars: The Old Republic sniper

I have to say, I've made a really good choice this month. Yes, I used the word "good" to describe something Star Wars: The...

Here’s a run-down of everything coming to SWTOR in the next month and a half

There is no eloquent way to explain everything that is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic from now until December. So let's just throw...

Hyperspace Beacon: What was not said in the SWTOR 2018 Roadmap

Star Wars: The Old Republic players leaped for joy when Producer Keith Kanneg finally released the winter and spring 2018 roadmap last week. It was...

Hyperspace Beacon: Three things SWTOR could add in 2018 to turn itself around

Star Wars: The Old Republic did not have a banner year in 2017. It was the first year since the launch year that did...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s 2017 year-end report card

I love the Bartle Taxonomy; it's been around for a long time, and it's still relevant today. This is why when I am given...

Hyperspace Beacon: A six-year retrospective of Star Wars The Old Republic

Happy birthday, Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don't think your birthday has actually ever fallen on the same day that my article released,...

SWTOR’s United Forces update includes a massive server merge

BioWare has just announced Star Wars: The Old Republic's United Forces update, a massive merge of the game's 17 servers down to five in...

SWTOR teases next week’s raid bosses, seeks Galactic Starfighter feedback

Next week on July 11th, Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to unleash carnage with Update 5.3. The summer content patch will  change up...

SWTOR buffs CXP gains from operations, weekly missions, and flashpoints

Now that there's another hundred joyous galactic command levels to grind out in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may feel a little overwhelmed...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR predictions for 2017

Here we are again. Star Wars: The Old Republic survived another year despite those who predicted five years ago that it would shut down...
Yes, I slightly broke tradition here, but it was a tradition established by one column only.

Epic MMO Battles of History: Star Trek Online vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Asking whether Star Trek or Star Wars is the better science fiction series is like asking whether Game of Thrones or The Tudors is...

Hyperspace Beacon: Examining SWTOR’s contentious 5.0 endgame gear grind

If you didn't watch the Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream on Monday, then you missed Creative Director Charles Boyd, Producer Ben Irving, and...