SWTOR buffs CXP gains from operations, weekly missions, and flashpoints

Now that there’s another hundred joyous galactic command levels to grind out in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the sorry state of your character. The good news in this regard is that BioWare has increased command XP gains from a variety of sources to help with reaching this new finish line.

Yesterday’s Patch 5.1.2 saw across-the-board buffs to CXP rewards from operations, weekly missions, flashpoints, bosses, and minibosses. A couple of areas, such as the turbolasers in the Directive 7 flashpoint, have had their CXP payout removed. Additionally, players should be aware that they’ll no longer be able to buy CXP boosters prior to level 70 or use them if bolstered to 70.

Other notable adjustments with the patch include a 250% increase to Galactic Starfighter requisition, the ability to sit in one’s own ship chairs again, and tighter restrictions for free-to-play chat “in order to help address third-party service advertisement spam.”

Source: Patch notes
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