SWTOR’s United Forces update includes a massive server merge

BioWare has just announced Star Wars: The Old Republic’s United Forces update, a massive merge of the game’s 17 servers down to five in an attempt to improve the game’s community – two in the USA and three in Europe divided by language – pretty crazy for a game that at one point had over 200. The November 8th launch will include a multitude of rewards and unlocks for those who log in during the festivities.

“Bringing players together as United Forces in larger numbers offers multiple benefits to players, first of which is the ease of jumping into multiplayer activities,” explains BioWare. “Once the United Forces update is live, any group activity you would want to participate in will have a much larger volume of players queueing at any time that you are looking to play, including Operations, Flashpoints, PvP Warzones, Uprisings, and Galactic Starfighter battles. Communities of players, such as role-players, will have more like-minded players to join and play alongside. Plus, server-wide activities, such as Conquests, will have more fierce competition than ever before.”

There’s a chance you’ll lose your names, note, as subbers have priority to keep their names on the new server, followed by characters with more playtime. “To limit the challenge of duplicated names we will proactively remove names from characters that have not been played within the past 90-days or more and which are below Level 10,” the studio warns. It’ll also allow up to 52 characters per server and ensure that your highest legacy levels are maintained. Guild names are unaffected this time.

The studio has also put out its fall roadmap, noting that GU 5.5 (now called United Forces Foundation) is still slated for October 10th, followed by United Forces Formation on October 24th, the actual merges on November 8th, 5.6: A Traitor Among the Chiss on November 28th, and 5.6.1 and the anniversary celebration on December 12th.

Lead Game Producer Keith Kanneg also mentions adjusting galactic command experience – for the better. “CXP for all areas of the game is in review,” he says. “As some players experienced with the Planetary Daily Areas, increased CXP makes us happier, so that’s our plan for all areas throughout the game and will coincide with A Traitor Among the Chiss update.”

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