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Hooray, we still exist!

Blade & Soul celebrates its second anniversary with a new costume

Congratulations are in order for Blade & Soul as it celebrates its second year of operation, and as is most often the case with...
Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous teevee show.

SamuTale brings out a horse-filled update for closed alpha

If you bought a founder's pack for SamuTale, you could have been already playing in the game's closed alpha... but you couldn't have done...
No, this is not Star Trek: Beyond.

RIFT buffs up the Saboteur soul

The Saboteur in RIFT is all about, well, sabotage. It's a specialty based around bombs blowing things the heck up. The latest patch to...

Overwatch outlines its progression system and patches in new gameplay

Characters in Overwatch do not level. You can play nothing but Tracer day in and day out, and she's still going to have the...
Springlike, sort of?

Massive Landmark patch revamps terminology, harvesting, and gear

A major patch has landed in Landmark in preparation for the title's full launch later in the spring. It's not a patch aimed just at veterans...
Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Levels and legends in the Legion alpha

The alpha testing for World of Warcraft's next expansion rolls on, with the vague hope that we might actually have a beta tag by...

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest patch brings The Feast to live servers

If you've grown weary of the PvP options available in Final Fantasy XIV, take heart that today brings you a new method for beating...

Landmark is introducing the new build mode

Playing Landmark is all about building. It's also all about exploring and experiencing the things other people have built. It's multi-faceted. That's why the...

SWTOR is plotting new companions and solo arena fights

There's a lot of stuff coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2016. Not all of it was ready to be discussed during...
Well, I saw that.

Black Desert makes the world boss Desert Dragon even more boss

The Desert Dragon world boss in Black Desert was indisputably exactly what it said on the tin. It was a dragon, and it was...
I will worship.

The War’s Onset patch is live today on Skyforge

You know about the class balance changes. You know how to do war with Pantheon Wars. You're ready to jump into the newest update...
A pet you can no longer have.

World of Warcraft begins its examination of class design with Hunters and Priests

One of the facts repeated throughout BlizzCon was that classes and class fantasies will be getting overhauled in World of Warcraft's next expansion. So...
This is not ambiguous. It actually seems pretty straightforward.

World of Warcraft’s patch 6.2.1 will let you betray your faction for queue times

The factional split between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft has taken a drubbing for a while, simply because the two...
Sometimes, of course, we don't care about things like balance.

Check out a video tour of Guild Wars 2’s Revenant

Are you looking forward to the newest addition to Guild Wars 2's class lineup, the Revenant? Do you stay awake at night wishing that...