Warframe’s Digital Extremes has a new CEO: Soulframe boss Steve Sinclair

There's been a changing of the guard at Digital Extremes: The Warframe company's founder and CEO, James Schmalz, has stepped down from his CEO...

Tencent moves forward in buying Leyou Technologies for over a billion bucks

Throughout the 2020, we've been covering the many companies competing to buy up Leyou Technology, the holding company that both owns the majority of...

We’re years away from an open beta for Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings MMO

How far away is the next Lord of the Rings MMORPG? Years, fam, so get comfy where you are. The news comes via Wccftech, which...

Tencent edges out Sony in Leyou Technologies buyout negotiations

A week or two ago, we covered the especially-amusing-to-MMO-fans news that Sony was gunning to buy up Leyou, the Chinese holding company that both...
Accidental burn.

Sony is considering purchasing the Chinese firm Leyou

You probably don't think a whole lot about Leyou at this point, but you probably should; the holding company owns most of Digital Extremes...

Warframe shows off Empyrean gameplay as iDreamsky contemplates buying Leyou

Warframe is one of those game that just doesn't like to have things spread out when it comes to announcements. Much like RuneScape, it...
Well, this blows.

Leyou states it has plans for both Transformers Online and Civilization Online

Remember Leyou? It's the same company that's working on a new Lord of the Rings title in concert with Amazon, you know. Turns out...

Standing Stone says that new LOTR MMO will have no impact on Lord of the Rings Online

Are you concerned over the announcement of a new Lord of the Rings MMORPG? Welp, you're not alone. As we covered yesterday, Leyou Technologies,...