Standing Stone says that new LOTR MMO will have no impact on Lord of the Rings Online

Are you concerned over the announcement of a new Lord of the Rings MMORPG? Welp, you’re not alone. As we covered yesterday, Leyou Technologies, the Chinese company that owns Warframe studio Digital Extremes, has spun up a new company called Athlon Games specifically to “develop and publish a free-to-play massively multiplayer online video game” set in the Lord of the Rings universe and in partnership with Middle-earth Enterprises.

That’s got a lot of existing players of Lord of the Rings Online a bit panicked over the fate of Standing Stone Games’ licensing agreements. (Although to be honest, that’s been true almost since the game launched; licensing concerns crop up over and over, and the game trucks on.)

But Standing Stone doesn’t seem to be worried, at least publicly. “The news will not have any impact on our development plans or licensing,” SSG Community Manager Cordovan wrote to players in one of the panic threads this week. “We always welcome competition, and wish them the best of luck!”

Worth pointing out is that the new title is intended to be a prequel to the Lord of the Rings novels, so it may not directly conflict with LOTRO’s storytelling domain anyway.

Also worth pointing out is that for years SOE was adamant that Rebellion-era Star Wars Galaxies was not under any threat of Order 66ing from KOTOR-era Star Wars The Old Republic – right up until it was. So maybe it’s understandable that the MMORPG community is worried anyway. Worrying is just what we do.

Stay tuned for MOP’s LOTRO Legendarium column this weekend; you know Justin’s gonna have some thoughts on this. Yes sir.

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