We’re years away from an open beta for Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings MMO


How far away is the next Lord of the Rings MMORPG? Years, fam, so get comfy where you are.

The news comes via Wccftech, which dug up documents relating to the Tencent buyout of Leyou Technologies, which is working with Amazon on the new game. For example, a game license amendment from a year ago lays out an entire production schedule, with a first pass on race and class art for this past June, a draft of the storyline by this coming January, a playable prototype by next June, followed by a closed beta next September and an open beta as far off as January 2023.

As Wccftech notes, however, it’s extremely likely that this production schedule has been amended many times since, and then more thanks to the pandemic that’s mucked up timelines for games across the globe. Still, it’s a peek into what the plans originally were, and it explains some of the job descriptions Amazon’s posted along the way.

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Source: Leyou via Wccftech
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