Amazon is apparently working on a new unnamed sci-fi MMO


Former SOE and Daybreak boss John Smedley has been a fixture at Amazon Game Studios for the last few years, working on at least one unannounced game that we know of. This week, he tweeted that he’s hiring again for the studio in San Diego, though apparently remote work is on the table too. And while most of the positions are for engineers and QA for games we already have an inkling about, there are some new nuggets in there, including the note that “Amazon is also working on unannounced titles for PC, console and mobile platforms.”

Most intriguingly for us, the narrative designer position appears to reveal that the company is working on another MMO that isn’t New World or the upcoming new Lord of the Rings MMO or even Lost Ark.

“This designer will work with our Creative Director to tell gripping tales of a brand new scifi world, its history, and its peoples; building world settings, lore, in-game stories, and cinematics for Amazon’s new massively multiplayer game.”

The senior level designer position likewise refers to a “brand-new world for an unannounced massively multiplayer game.”

Is it an MMORPG? We’re not sure – but the “qualifications” section asks for “experience creating stories for massively multiplayer role playing games,” so it doesn’t entirely sound like the shooter Smed’s team was on before – but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Source: Smed, Amazon
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