The Stream Team: AdventureQuest 3D’s Darkest Black Friday yet

Massively OP's MJ may exude sunshine and smiles, but she loves the darkness! And AQ3D calls this Black Friday its darkest ever. That means...
This game does not look that good.

Elysium Lost is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices

Finally, there's an MMORPG out for your iOS or Android mobile devices. What's that, you say? You already have those? Well, Elysium Lost is still...

The Stream Team: Blaze’s birthday bash in AQ3D

What could make Massively OP's MJ change her AQ3D day? A Blaze birthday bash! To celebrate Blaze's latest evolution around the sun, MJ will...

Mobile MMO Ragnarok Origin releases worldwide on iOS and Android

Your mobile MMO gaming choices have increased by at least one more title as last saw Ragnarok Origin, the mobile version of Ragnarok Online,...

Massively on the Go: Happy Home Paradise is the cherry on top of Animal Crossing New Horizons’ final update

I won't lie, the past week has been pretty fun for me. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' final update added so much to the game. Old...

The Stream Team: More Masquerade unmasking in AQ3D

The party isn't over yet! Massively OP's MJ only made it part way through the unmasking at the Masquerade Ball, so she's going to...

Massively on the Go: Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise unlockables and bonuses

I suppose I should be thankful that Animal Crossing: New Horizons decided to launch its latest update early, as now I've had more time to...

The Stream Team: Mogloween and a masquerade ball in AdventureQuest 3D

It has been far too long since Massively OP's MJ has been able to enjoy some AQ3D. But no matter what is going on,...

Massively on the Go: First impressions of the multiplayer Mario Party Superstars

We've talked about Mario Party a few times on MassivelyOP, but only recently, as the Mario Kart series is both older and probably more familiar to...

Blade and Soul Revolution to merge its global servers together

Even revolutions have to take a breather and consolidate now and then. And so it is for Blade and Soul Revolution. The mobile title,...

Lineage W hires actor Kit Harington to promote the mobile MMO’s launch

Using real-world actors and celebrities to promote an MMO is definitely nothing new, since it can bring a lot of attention or even a...

Animal Crossing New Horizons’ massive November 5 update is already live

Christmas just keeps coming earlier and earlier these days, especially if you're an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan. More than 24 hours in advance, Nintendo released...

Lineage 2M kicks off its beta worldwide through November 7

Wait, didn't we already have this? Isn't there already a version of Lineage II playable on mobile devices? I can't keep up with this...

Rappelz has made its way to iOS and Android devices in a recently released mobile version

Here's a game title we haven't heard from in a while, at least not since April when it decided to join in on the...
Where's Glimmer?

Battle Bards Episode 203: The music of mobile MMOs

For this week’s episode, the Battle Bards turn their attention to an oft-neglected realm of MMO music — that of mobile titles. Will Steff...

Massively on the Go: A guide to staying safe in MMOARG Pikmin Bloom

When we first covered the global release of MMOARG Pikmin Bloom, we noted that because of Niantic's poor history when it comes to "safety,"...

Massively on the Go: Initial impressions of Pikmin Bloom, now live in the US

Well that was quick! Recently announced Pikmin Bloom and its global rollout have already made it to the United States. And since we announced its...

Massively on the Go: A primer for Pokemon Go’s November event plans

November may be the release month for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but don't count Pokemon Go out just yet. The November events...

Pokemon Unite offers Halloween treats as players fret over tricky prices

Trick or treat, Pokemon Unite fans! Starting October 20th, TiMi Studio Group's crossplay MOBA will have a plethora of new additions for players, many of...

Animal Crossing New Horizons adds cooking and island design in major update and paid DLC

If you thought Animal Crossing: New Horizons was effectively dead lately, you're not alone: The updates for the last six months were unhappy times even...