Obituary: Beloved Pantheon Rise of the Fallen customer service rep passes away after a vehicle accident

The death of any game development team member is always a sad thing to report no matter their title. It's that framing that Pantheon:...

Star Wars The Old Republic players hold in-game vigil to commemorate the passing of actor Ray Stevenson

This past weekend saw an all-too-soon passing of actor Ray Stevenson, which prompted fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic to honor his work...

Standing Stone Games mourns the passing of one of its team members

We have some sad news to report from Standing Stone Games this week, as the studio's community manager Cordovan confirmed on the forums for...

A GM of Mortal Online has passed away, and devs are planning an in-game memorial

We have some unfortunate news to share out of Mortal Online 2 as developer Star Vault announced the passing of one of its devs,...
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World of Warcraft and Diablo III developer Travis Day passes away at 41

It's a sad week at Blizzard Entertainment and Phoenix Labs as both studios mourn the loss of one of its long-time developers. The news...

Family of former Ultima Online lead designer and game academic opens college memorial fund in his honor

Back in October of last year, we reported the news that Mike Sellers, best known to our corner of the gaming universe as a...

Multiple MMOs mourn the passing of voice actor Billy Kametz

Fandoms of gaming and anime were shocked by the sudden news of the death of voice actor Billy Kametz, who unfortunately passed away from...

Sylvanaar, a famous World of Warcraft addon developer, has passed away

We have some sad news to report from the World of Warcraft addon community as Jon "Sylvanaar" Akhtar, the creator of popular addons like...
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Popular World of Warcraft cosplayer Jarod Lee Nandin passes away from complications with COVID-19

Sad news this past weekend for the World of Warcraft community: cosplayer Jarod Lee Nandin, best known for his cosplay of the antagonist from...

Former ArenaNet art lead Jens Hauch passes away at age 46

It's always sad to report when one of the forces behind a game has passed away. Jens Hauch served as a longtime technical art...