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Albion Online’s new dev video talks faction warfare

If faction warfare is your thing, then here's an Albion Online dev talk video you might want to watch. In this video, Game Director...

Albion Online’s GvG seasons will shake up Outland warfare

Warfare between guilds is what Albion Online considers its true endgame, which is why the team is hard at work on a Guild vs....
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Albion Online outlines content plans, will give more love to the solo player

With Albion Online now in a launch state and rocking a "stable economy," Game Director Robin Henkys says that it's high time to take...

Albion Online’s black market is a brilliant solution for a sandbox economy

Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys has a fresh video out today explaining the game's black market. Albion is one of those fairly rare MMORPGs...

Albion Online is revamping all of its cities for the Galahad patch

Still keeping an eye on PvP sandbox Albion Online? Sandbox Interactive Game Director Robin Henkys posted a new dev recap video this week that...

Albion Online to improve its PvE experiencce

Game Director Robin Henkys kicked off the first of a series of Albion Online development recap videos this past week to give players an...
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Albion Online on hardcore-vs.-casual player sandbox synergy

Just a day after launching its massive Darian patch, Albion Online has posted up a Q&A video and roadmap summary for its summer goals....
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Albion Online plans beta II for later this summer

In Albion Online's latest developer video, Sandbox Interactive Game Director Robin Henkys and Creative Director Jörg Friedrich outline the studio's activities since the March...

Albion Online highlights its reworked combat

Sandbox Interactive has released a new four-minute video highlighting the combat changes in Albion Online since last summer. Lead game designer Robin Henkys says...

Albion Online’s missions are like quests, but not exactly

Top-down PvP sandbox Albion Online has released a new video highlighting the game's missions and factions. Lead designer Robin Henkys and technical director David...