Albion Online outlines content plans, will give more love to the solo player

With Albion Online now in a launch state and rocking a “stable economy,” Game Director Robin Henkys says that it’s high time to take a look at what the development team is planning in the months ahead.

“We really think right now we are just at the foundation level,” Henkys reported. “We have a lot of the systems in place, but the game has a lot of room to be improved.”

The team is planning on an update cadence of about three to four major content patches per year. First up for Albion are a couple of solo play features, such as fishing and meaningful solo PvP without the zergs. After that, the team would like to make a more dynamic open world, improve Outland warfare, and implement quality-of-life improvements for guilds.

Albion Online is currently running its first Halloween festival, which will go through November 15th. Get Henkys’ full report after the break!

Source: YouTube
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Good luck to them. Albion’s probably not my kind of game, but I really do hope they do well.


Little late for that, especially after they took such an initial hard stance against solo players. I won’t be rejoining. The combat is also, frankly boring. The game is over-instanced.


They lost me with the healer nerfs & with the fact that you need to be in a large guild (zergs) to have any chance in pvp. This is an inherent problem with full open world pvp…


At release when they implemented the attack delay after dismounting they literally said this game was not for solo players and if you’re a solo player you’re not going to be very successful. All that did was encourage more zerging as people teamed up to take/chase people down.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys are just wholly and completely incompetent on every level.

Krista Allen

No way. Uninstalled and it will remain so