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Massively Overthinking: What’s your favorite type of MMORPG raid?

Raiding is one of those very simple MMO concepts that has somehow become a contentious one in the broader discourse. A "raid" in MMO...

Choose My Adventure: Good friends and bad player behavior in Star Wars Squadrons

Well, I was hoping for this to be more fun than it actually was. I adore the heck out of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter,...

The MOP Up: Wakfu’s great server merge

Wakfu has finally set a date for its server merges. French servers are consolidating on October 14th, while international shards are coming together the...

EVE Online’s Invasion event overtakes the galaxy while new ships approach

EVE Online's galaxy is on fire -- more than usual, we mean. As MOP's Brendan covered last week, the Invasion event of the past...

The Soapbox: The sunsetted MMORPGs I miss the most

I'm pining for the fjords. Not in the way that would assume I'm becoming some jaded and angry MMO fan; I'm never going to stop...

The Game Archaeologist: Shenmue Online

If you ever stumble across a Dreamcast enthusiast -- and believe me, they are everywhere -- on the forefront of their diatribe about how...

The MOP Up: Dark Age of Camelot widens its F2P doorway

St. Patty's day is alive and kicking in Dark Age of Camelot through next Wednesday, but the big news here is that Broadsword is...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's weekly and sometimes biweekly recap of the big news in crowdfunded MMOs. Hey, you...
Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and plugin nerfs are live in WoW Classic

It may be too late for the WoW Classic folks who've already abandoned ship - or at least their PvP servers - but battlegrounds...

Lawful Neutral: TUG’s Nerd Kingdom is the Real Slim Shady

I hate being disappointed. I doubt I'm alone. In general, I try to temper my expectations and accept negative outcomes just as much as...

Massively Overthinking: The worst MMO cash shop trickery

Last week, games psychologist Jamie Madigan tweeted an underrated comment about how psychological tricks used in restaurant menu design are also found in video...

The Daily Grind: What MMO had the most disappointing ending?

I can't help it: I've had Game of Thrones on my mind the last week. As someone who discovered the books as a kid,...

The Survivalist: What ever happened to the smaller survival sandbox MMOs?

With big name survival games getting ignored developmentally, you have to wonder what's been going on with the smaller titles. After all, we've got...
Elf elf elf.

Vague Patch Notes: The occupant’s dilemma in MMORPGs

This is the story of Stanley. Stanley had a hobby, and that hobby was playing MMOs. Every day, he logged in to Final Fantasy XI, where...

APB Reloaded teases the incoming Riot content update

The city of San Paro is headed for a riot if hints coming out of APB Reloaded are any indication. The APB Riot content...

The Survivalist: When survival sandboxes are more MMO than actual MMORPGs

Ever since Life is Feudal announced at the end of last month its dedication to developing a deep roleplay-focused server, I haven't been able...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2018

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's regular recap of what's going on in crowdfunded MMOs, which we do specifically...

The Daily Grind: Will you kickstart any MMOs in 2019?

Last year, I realized that I hadn't backed any video games. I didn't back any this year either. Oh, sure, some of the games...

The International Olympic Committee casts doubt on the inclusion of esports at the Olympics

The tug-of-war over whether esports should be included at the Olympic Games is becoming its own sport. In 2017, statements from the Paris Olympic...

TUG studio Nerd Kingdom owes its Kickstarter backers an explanation – or their money back

We've been following the sad story of TUG, The Untitled Game, for years now, ever since its May 2013 Kickstarter. At the time, studio...