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Perfect Ten: Mobile MMOs coming soon to a pocket near you

It may be true that interest in playing and developing mobile games has peaked, although personally I very much like mobile gaming. On the...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best aquatic gameplay?

There are very few things that I miss about ArcheAge. One of them is the title's aquatic gameplay. Whether we're talking about its vast array...

ArcheAge is gifting players free griffins next month

The griffin: half-eagle, half-lion, and soon to be all yours. ArcheAge players will soon have the opportunity to snag one of these flying beasts...

The MOP Up: Fishing Planet will rule all

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we're deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Here’s ‘everything you need to know’ about ArcheAge server merges

Trion's latest ArcheAge website update purports to tell us everything we need to know about ArcheAge's upcoming server transfers. Now, my first thought was...

Player falsely accuses Trion Worlds of censorship

Another day, another cautionary tale in trying to wield lies in the face of a game studio with access to factual records. In this...

Leaderboard: Would you play Civilization Online?

XLGAMES isn't bringing Civilization Online to western consumers. At least right now. Maybe XL and partner 2K will localize the title at some point, but...

Gamescom 2015: Trion talks upcoming ‘significant’ ArcheAge updates

Trion just took an info dump at Gamescom, with "major" updates scheduled for all of the firm's MMOs. ArcheAge is getting something called Heroes...

Civilization Online sums up its beta with a highlight trailer

Civilization Online's oddball building-sim-plus-PvP gameplay is highlighted in a new trailer that serves as a bookend for the Korean closed beta test. XLGAMES has...
If at first you don't succeed, etc.

ArcheAge mobile game will use Unreal Engine 4

Remember ArcheVille? No, probably not; it was an ArcheAge mobile game that was shut down rather quickly back in 2013. The important thing is...

Get a sneak peek of ArcheAge’s 2.0 patch notes

Curious what ArcheAge patch 2.0 will look like when it finally arrives later this summer? One helpful fan has translated the Russian patch notes...

ArcheAge makes amends for past mistakes by banning bots and easing up on RNG

In responding to a post on ArcheAge's official forums about the game's missteps and its future, CM Seraphina Brennan assured players that Trion is...

ArcheAge’s China launch moved to August 6

If you think you waited a long while for ArcheAge as a western fan, imagine how the title's Chinese followers must feel. Tencent Games has delayed...

Trion Worlds purges Glyph of third-party games

Trion Worlds is apparently getting out of the game distribution service, as least when it comes to games made by other studios. Scott Hartsman has...

Civilization Online’s Industrial Age gameplay previewed

If you're still sort of confused about Civilization Online, Steparu's latest review is probably worth reading. In a nutshell, the game is about building...

ArcheAge kicks off double XP weekend today

Got big plans for this weekend? No you don't any longer. You're going to cancel them, stock up on snacks and drinks, and then...
It goes the same as a thousand before.

ArcheAge 2.0 is closing the version gap between the US and Korean versions

It's an undeniable fact that ArcheAge took a little while to arrive here on western shores, which means that the game's big updates are all...

Global Chat: How Marvel Heroes made a dad a hero

I love a good customer service story, because it reminds me that a lot goes right behind-the-scenes at MMOs that's hardly ever reported. Braxwolf...

New Civilization Online vids show character customization and gameplay

A pair of Civilization Online videos were spotted in the wild this week, and by wild I mean on YouTube. Don't feel bad if you...

ArcheAge’s skill queues lead to near-instant kill exploits [Updated]

Skill queues are meant as a way for players to "store up" commands and have all of those commands finally executed in one fell...