Check out a trailer for ArcheAge’s upcoming naval arena

Check out a trailer for ArcheAge’s upcoming naval arena
Battle on the high seas! Cannons firing, seas foaming, decks wet, local slang dialect nearly incomprehensible! If that all sounds like fun times to you, then you’ll want to get in on the naval arenas coming to ArcheAge in the near future; the trailer for that update is available now just below, and it features everything you’d want from such a trailer. (So, boats shooting at one another, in other words.)

Teams of four will take on the battle, fighting not just the opposing team but the raging waters and neutral sea monsters. There’s no word on when this is coming out to the localized version of the game, but you can take a look at the trailer and get hyped for when it does arrive. You can even experience it in VR, if you have a friend nearby ready to spray your face with water repeatedly.

Source: YouTube via MMO Culture

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Melissa McDonald

I still marvel at all the things ArcheAge can do that other games seemingly can’t. Say what you will about the company, cheats and bugs, the feature set is amazing, absolutely amazing.

Shiro Madoushi

Coming to the west in 2018! If ArcheAge survives that long. I prefer this video:

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Paragon Lost

Great video break down of the AA issues.