SWTOR explains how Uprisings work, compensates for removal of content passes

When Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne lands upon us like a Star Destroyer made out of words, players will have a brand-new type of group content to experience: Uprisings.

Uprisings are four-player instances that are designed to be faster-paced and more customizable than operations and flashpoints. In them, players frantically fight through waves of mobs, selecting difficulty modes and picking up power-ups to keep things interesting.

Speaking of the expansion, you might recall that BioWare recently is removing several types of weekly passes to instanced content from the game’s Cartel Market. The studio discussed yesterday how it will be compensating holders of these passes when the expansion launches. Basically, players will be refunded the full cartel coin cost of each pass.


The Daily Grind: Which MMO doesn’t have mounts — and needs them?

Let’s talk mounts and MMOs.

When Star Wars Galaxies launched, it did not have vehicles. It had neither speederbikes nor or ridable tauntauns. For almost six months, if you needed to get anywhere, you ran, just like impoverished moisture farmers on a backwater desert planet in the movies. Oh no wait, even they had landspeeders. It sucked. SWG was made up up very big maps. Mounts were very much needed.

On the flipside of that, I present to you Guild Wars 2. Someone in the comments is angrily posting right now that Guild Wars 2 already has mounts, and OK, I’ll grant you that non-combat, just-as-slow-as-running “travel toys” do exist in the game. But unlike SWG, GW2 doesn’t really need mounts. We can already get around pretty quickly. There are no vast expanses of nothing to traverse. Mounts would be — and are — purely cosmetic.

Surely there are MMOs out there in the same boat as SWG’s launch. Which MMO doesn’t have mounts — and needs them?

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The Scream Team: A Hide and Shriek duel

Spooking strangers is certainly fun this time of year (or anytime, really!), but it doesn’t beat spooking your friends! Massively OP’s MJ and Justin face off in Hide and Shriek showdown tonight. Who will pull off the most pranks? And who will scream the loudest? (Yes, you may need to adjust your speakers for this one, folks.) And can MJ find the coveted Secret World lore? One lucky winner will also walk away with his or her own copy of the game and the chance to duel the winner, the loser, or even both! Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you the Halloween battle of the year in…

What: Hide and Shriek
Who: Justin Olivetti and MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, October 27th, 2016

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Massively Overthinking: Our five favorite MMORPGs of all time

Earlier this week, Redditor maxpower888 started an epic thread on the /r/mmorpg sub asking everyone to chime in and name his or her top five MMORPGs of all time. I thought it was a nifty thread to skim to see how many times the same games kept popping up (and the same games turned up in combination with each other).

“You can tell how old people are by their lists,” one gamer objected, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true!

So for this week’s Overthinking, we’re going to join in the fun, then explain our choices and puzzle out what those choices say about us — don’t forget to click the entries to expand them for explanations! You should do the same down in the comments!

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Happy third birthday, Warface

Crytek F2P online shooter Warface is busy celebrating its third birthday with a super twitchy trailer and a round of new content for players.

“In Operation Black Shark, players infiltrate a gargantuan skyscraper which is being constructed by Blackwood, the military arm of a cabal of supranational corporations,” declares the press release. “Fighting as part of an elite squad dispatched by Warface – the special-operation forces formed to oppose Blackwood – players must battle hard, smart, and as a team to work their way through each enemy-flooded floor before bringing the tower down. Gamers will take on Blackwood’s finest troops, lead-spitting automatic turrets, and a relentless horde of cyborg warriors in an all-action tower raid that demands players evolve their tactics on the fly. The new Special Operation arrives in a game update today, which also adds new achievements for players to unlock and weapons to use in-game.”

Crytek says Black Shark marks the title’s 37th “major game update.” Dang. That trailer is below.

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NCsoft and Webzen are both working on multiple mobile MMORPGs

NCsoft and Webzen both have mobile games a-cookin’.

We already knew about Lineage Red Knights and Lineage Mobile; there were announced a year ago as mobile titles set in the Lineage world, although Lineage Mobile itself appears to be more of a mobile version of the original than a spinoff. Red Knights has gone cutesy and hasn’t yet announced a fully global launch.

Lots of trailers and more games below!

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Dark and Light shows off a small sampling of its creatures

We’ve seen the landscapes of Snail Games’ upcoming Dark and Light, but just landscapes alone aren’t enough to make a game. What’s a landscape without creatures to populate it? Boring, that’s what. So you can take heart that the latest batch of screenshots isn’t about showing off landscapes but creatures, ranging from the mundane-but-awesome (the majestic bear) to the not-mundane-but-still-familiar (the slightly less majestic goblin).

One can certainly not fault the game for lack of diversity, ranging from centaurs to elephants to dinosaurs to griffins. And as with everything in the game’s engine, everything is quite detailed. Check out the full gallery just below, and if you’re looking forward to meeting (read: fighting) these creatures, remember that you’re not going to have to wait all that long.

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Neverwinter fixes ‘bug’ that allowed players to preview lockboxes, ragestorm ensues

When it comes to lockboxes, enticing players to pay money for a random chance at goods has always been the hook behind this system. But when if players could shortcut the RNG and be given an advance look into a lockbox’s contents before deciding whether or not to pay to open it?

Believe it or not, this feature has been a part of Neverwinter’s dungeon bonus chests for a while, although Cryptic now says that it is a “bug” in need of some serious squashing. The team is preparing a fix for November 8th to eliminate this unwanted player precognition, and is implementing a confirmation dialogue to make sure that players don’t accidentally use their keys in an attempt to preview a box.

“Since this bug has been live for a long time and we believe that some players may have come to rely on this bug, we are providing advance notice of the change,” the studio said. “We are pleased to address this bug because it resolves an inequity between the minority of players who knew about it and the majority who did not.”

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World of Tanks and Warships get into the swing of Halloween

Beware what you name your ships because irony loves to strike when namers are careless. Take for instance World of Warships’ Transylvania. This poor steamship was doomed from the beginning thanks to the dolt who thought of giving it that name.

In a new WoWS Halloween event, players can jump into a trio of weird and spooky ships to protect and escort the Transylvania to its port. Victors will receive credits and a special Halloween skin that will boost XP earned for the season.

[AL:WoT]Meanwhile, World of Tanks Console is kicking off its Monster Mash tomorrow. The event features a reworked map with Halloween decor, monster versions of several tanks, and two new PvE modes fighting the aforementioned monster tanks. “Half-beast, half-tank, ALL HORROR!” the studio exclaimed.

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Revelation Online previews two more closed beta dungeons

Are you ready to take on the dungeons of Revelation Online‘s closed beta being previewed today? Probably not! The beta isn’t starting until November 3rd, and you’ll need to level before you’re ready, so you don’t have enough levels to take them on yet. But once you do have enough levels, you can be amply armed and prepared to dive into Misty Hollow and the Deserted Shrine, both of which sound like prime vacation spots.

The air of a vacation gets even stronger when you start reading about what lies within both of these dungeons. Misty Hollow is occupied by the spiritual Spider Queen who is trying to escape to wreak havoc on the world, while the brutal Shingen organization occupies the Deserted Shrine with its magical experiments. (Which means it’s not exactly deserted any longer, but let’s not split hairs.) Both dungeons require level 35 for the easier mode but have harder options available up to level 45, so get ready to start leveling in the beta and take on some dungeons.


Halloween sinks its fangs into Tree of Life, Fractured Space, and Mortal Online

The avalanche of MMO Halloween events continues to thunder down over us, and we are digging as fast as we can to stay on top of all of the notices! If we get buried alive, well, ’tis the season for that.

Your cobwebbed tour begins in Tree of Life, where this upcoming game is throwing a Pumpkin Fest with spooky buildings, a broomstick mount, and some cosmetics to earn. The next stop is at Fractured Space, where the newly launched MOBA has added a Halloweeny character into the roster.

Finally, Mortal Online is taking advantage of the holiday to promote its newest school of magic, Necromancy. Check out the game’s patch highlights and Fractured Space’s new character in the videos below!

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Star Trek Online reports over a million console captains in a new infographic

A couple of players have been attracted to Star Trek Online on console, and by “a couple” we mean “a little over one million.” That’s the biggest takeaway from the new infographic about the game’s console version on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there are plenty of additional fun facts in there for fans of the game or just curious onlookers from the PC side.

Tactical Federation captains make up the largest amount of players in the game, as 68% of players are Federation and 59% chose a Tactical specialization. The infographic also breaks down the most popular ships per faction on each console, although both PS4 and XB1 players love the Negh’var for a Klingon ship. Check out the full infographic just below (click for a larger version if you can’t read it).

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Chaos Theory: First impressions of Funcom’s Hide and Shriek

Have you been hiding and shrieking? I have! Hide and Shriek, the 1v1 Secret World spinoff that pits the much-loved Innsmouth Academy against the newly introduced Little Springs High in a PvP scare off, is now out for players to test their spook skills. Who doesn’t love a good scare, especially this time of year?

Like The Park, Hide and Shriek was an exercise in learning to program a game on the Unreal engine, except this time it was for the US-based Funcom office. Upon completion, the fruits of those labors were offered up to us to enjoy; I’ve been playing matches all week myself. So how is it? What do I think of the game? Is it worth the price tag (currently $4.79, going up to the full price of $5.99 November 1st). I say a resounding yes! Believe it or not, it is going to be encroaching on my Samhain event play time. The game isn’t for everyone, but I am finding it fun. Want to see more of the game for yourself? Tune into OPTV tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT as Justin and I square off. (You could also win a copy of the game!)

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