Massively Overthinking: The MMORPG wishes that go unfulfilled

This week’s Massively Overthinking question is a short and sweet one posed by Das Tal developer Alexander Zacherl.

“What’s the greatest unfulfilled dream of MMO players and why will it (not) be fulfilled in our lifetime?”

Let’s talk big picture! Let’s make the optimists and cynics fight! I posted Zacherl’s question to our writers this week. Read on and chime in!

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Paragon grants extra rewards to PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus players, it’s time that your membership started paying dividends. Paragon thinks so, at least, which is why the game is doling out a free PS Plus pack to members in July.

The PS Plus pack includes a fast pass to the early access gameplay, a three-win reputation boost, three master challenges, and instant challenger skins. Additionally, players can enjoy a month of events and in-game unlocks prior to Paragon going into open beta on August 16th.

Want to see these freebies with your own naked, sweating eyeballs? Check out the PS Plus trailer below!

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Go behind the scenes of EVE Valkyrie’s carrier assault mode

EVE Valkryie is aiming to create a high-octane virtual reality experience, and one of the strongest weapons in its arsenal to provide that is its relatively new carrier assault mode.

In a new developer video, CCP talks about the creation and aim of this 20-minute mode. According to the studio, a side that’s losing doesn’t necessarily mean it will end in defeat: “This additional time allows battles to swing to and fro, so the team on the back foot always has a chance to win it back thanks to the clearly defined stages of battle.”

You can watch the full video after the break!

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The Stream Team: Digging into Riders of Icarus’ cash shop

The beta doors of Riders of Icarus won’t swing open for everyone until next week, but MassivelyOP’s MJ is heading in to the headstart. Besides taming a ton of creatures she’ll get to keep, she’s going to be taking a good, hard look at the cash shop. What’s available? Has it really avoided any pay-to-win advantage items? Tune in live at 5:00 p.m. to check things out with MJ.

What: Riders of Icarus
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 5:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Enjoy the show!

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Skyforge teases birthday events, July Battle of Equals patch

MMORPG Skyforge is turning one in July, which means it’s party time in Aelion — soon, anyway. is teasing the festivities in a blog post today:

“During the celebration players will be invited to view some fun statistics regarding the game, light off some fireworks, and receive some unique anniversary rewards! We’ll have more details to share as the date gets closer, but in the meantime, the entire Skyforge Team would like to thank each member of the community for their continued support, feedback, reports, and dedication!”

Battle of Equals, the Russian MMO’s upcoming update, lands on July 20th as well, with a new desert wasteland biome, equalized PvP tourney, and a catch-up character development system.


The French arrive to save the day in World of Tanks’ console editions

Not every edition of World of Tanks is on equal footing, as content that’s in one might be on its way or missing entirely from another. For a while now, PC players have enjoyed driving around French tanks (ooh la la) while console players have raged against the machine. For those console jockeys who were dying to man one of these tanks, the good news is that the French line has finally rumbled into the game on PlayStation and Xbox.

World of Tanks is also celebrating the American independence with the return of the Freedom tank to the store and two challenging ops with special rewards.

General, you’ll want to inspect the troops, er, tanks in the following video as well. Dismissed!

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Shroud of the Avatar releases final pre-wipe patch

It’s almost the end of an era for Shroud of the Avatar, as the game is facing down its final wipe prior to next month’s switch to a persistent world. However, before players have to say goodbye to their test characters, they can say hello to a new patch: Release 31.

“We are only one release away from final wipe and lot selection, and we are focusing on the final tactical changes in order to prepare for that momentous event,” Portalarium posted. “Those tactical changes in Release 31 include an intense focus on the new user experience, character customization inside the game, additional neighborhoods for Greater Brittany, and continued expansions to the crafting system.”

On the technical side, the team said that it’s working hard to eliminate so-called “zombie crashes” and to optimize performance game-wide. It did warn that Shroud of the Avatar is more unstable than usual due to an upgrade to the latest version of unity in the last patch.

Source: Patch notes


Landmark adds in new races, new story options, and new prop functions

Today’s Landmark patch will go hand-in-hand with the new appearance pack for players, allowing you to pay money to make your character something other than a baseline human. Whatever your feelings are on that particular business decision (which is the topic MJ has taken on this week, for the record), everyone can be happy about all of the other things contained within the update, which include improved functionality for several props and new options for story mode and dialogue.

Logic filters have been visually redesigned so that builders can more easily see what a filter is doing and which states are toggled on or off, while the new Counting node allows you to count up events and have something trigger when a limit is reached. Players can also customize text in story mode and specify options for play mode, giving more control over designing an elaborate playspace. You might not want to pay money for more race options, but you’d be hard-pressed not to have some enthusiasm for more build options in general.


Perfect Ten: MMO novel tie-ins

When I was a kid and only slightly more nerdy than I am today, I used to read movie novelizations like crazy. I don’t know why, exactly, especially since I could have just watched the films themselves. I guess it was part of getting swept up with the transmedia hype of a good movie. I probably wore out my copy of Return of the Jedi because I loved that entry so much.

While movie novelizations have all but died out completely, tie-in novels are still going strong in other sectors — such as with MMORPGs. Believe it or not, several online games have spawned numerous book spin-offs, some from very popular authors.

Today we’re going to look at this interesting byproduct of MMORPGs for those of us who are both gamers and readers. Maybe even those of us who read the quest text!

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Marvel Heroes adds playable Ultron, extends anniversary event through July 4 holiday

Marvel Heroes’s big patch today was meant to conclude the game’s anniversary event, but Gazillion is extending the festivities through the 4th of July holiday. “Once the clock strikes midnight on July 4th, the anniversary event will conclude, so stock up on cake slices while you can!” says the studio. “The anniversary event vendor will remain in-game for 1 week after the conclusion of the anniversary event for players to spend any remaining cake slices.”

Today’s update also has some content! Ultron joins the game’s roster as its 58th playable toon, along with two new Captain America costumes — including the female version from an alternate superhero future. The studio is also teasing future content, including the new Spider-Man team-up, a visual upgrade for Hulk, and the remainder of the dynamic combat level system.

Ultron’s trailer is below.

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Age of Conan’s 5.0 update brings raid finder, new loyalty program

Age of Conan’s big 5.0 update is live today, inserting a number of big changes into the MMORPG edition of Hyboria: Expect new daily login gifts, a new challenge journal system loaded with rewards, and the love-it-or-hate-it raid finder.

Perhaps the most controversial addition, however, is the overhaul to the free-to-play model found in Funcom’s new loyalty rewards program.

Beginning today, Age of Conan players who log in will be picking up a new pet in honor of The Secret World’s birthday.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Boom!


SWTOR’s GEMINI Deception is live today for subscribers

The latest installment of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire, The GEMINI Deception, is live for all subscribed players today. In fact, subbers will be getting a little something extra — but only if they’re subbed before tomorrow.

“As part of the Subscriber Rewards Program, those subscribed by July 1 will receive an in-game HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration, inspired by the legendary Assassin Droid,” BioWare reminds players today.

Massively OP’s Larry Everett wrote about The Gemini Deception’s diabolical droid SCORPIO in last week’s Hyperspace Beacon and is working his way through the Dark vs. Light events via stream as well, so stay tuned for more SWTOR from us and check out the GEMINI Deception trailer below.

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EverQuesting: Landmark is offering new races – for a price

I knew that new races would eventually come to Landmark! From the beginning it didn’t make any sense to me that Daybreak would ignore something the community really wanted, especially when it obviously had the models already made. The studio showed them off quite publicly. Later, with the (total suckage) cancellation of EverQuest Next, I couldn’t fathom letting those assets go to complete waste. Surely they would come, perhaps at launch.

Alas, races did not accompany launch. However, with the addition of the Crimson Parlor, an in-game customization station, and the various NPC races, I knew it was only time. I was sure that Landmark would indeed add other playable races. And I was right! It’s a glorious day, right?

Uh, well… What I had hoped wouldn’t happen in all this, unfortunately did: Access to these new racial looks is gated behind the cash shop. So you can have some new races, but only for a price. For now. And I am hanging my hope on that last little tidbit because Daybreak really needs to do something to engender goodwill – and soon.
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