WRUP: Parts may fall off edition

Congratulations on your new vehicle! You've made an excellent choice, because now we can feed our families. This money will be a blessing to us. Just to let you know, though, this is a minor thing, but parts may fall off of your vehicle. This is perfectly normal, and it's generally nothing to worry about. Some of the molding might fall off the first time you pass 10 MPH, totally all right, nothing to be concerned about. A mirror or two might fall, but that's normal.

Other parts that can fall off, which are completely expected and should prove no hazard, are the front cowling, exhaust pipes, wheel covers, passenger shielding, and the entire engine. Also, some of these parts may either catch fire or cause other things to catch fire. Last but not least, the soulstone sealing in the caged demon within the vehicle may fall off. That... is actually bad. You should worry about that a lot. Just sign here in What Are You Playing and you're all set, but you also have to tell us if you're a cop.

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The Daily Grind: What's the strangest MMO you ever tried?

Last month, I wrote a column on several MMOs that walked on the weird side. Even though many online games play it safe with genre and theme, once in a while we do get very odd, very doofy, and very bizarre MMORPGs that go a whole different direction.

My question today is, what's the strangest MMO you have ever tried? Do you play it safe yourself and stick to classic fantasy lest your imagination be stirred and your perceptions of reality start to warp and bend? Or have you dipped your toes into some of the more eccentric online worlds out there?

I think one of the strangest MMOs I've ever played was actually Fallen Earth. The whole post-apocalyptic setting gave the team an excuse for rewriting society to include really whacked-out holidays and myths based on before it all went to pot. Also, there were giant, mutated prairie chickens and hermit crabs wearing old CRT monitors, so my nightmares had some fuel for a few months there.

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Betawatch: Albion Online announces its launch date (February 24, 2017)

After extending its beta well into 2017, Albion Online has announced its date for officially leaving that hallowed state: July 17th, 2017. Just a few months away! So if you were worried that "well into 2017" meant the fall, you can rest easy. The game has also looked at adjusting some of its open PvP zones, so that's also a good thing.

Other news? Aw, of course, anything for you:

You can also find our full list just below, replete with all sorts of games which are in testing. Did something jump test phases without us noticing? That's awful; let us know about it so we can fix it. Or just scroll down the list and look for what you'd be interested in playing, we'll accept either.

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The Stream Team: Hellion launches into Early Access today

How's Hellion? Massively OP's MJ is glad you asked! Because the space survival game just launched into Early Access today and she's flying in to check it out. The big question is will a lack of oxygen kill her more or less often than other players do? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to see how well MJ survives in...

What: Hellion
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 24th, 2017

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Gigantic's Eternal Dawn heralds the arrival of new hero Zandora

MOBA Gigantic has a new update live in the open beta this week: Eternal Dawn. The patch features the bizarrely pink new hero Zandora, and boy does she ever have a chip on her shoulder. No really.

"Eternal Dawn introduces a few high-impact changes to Gigantic and welcomes Zandora - a lance-wielding melee/support hybrid hero," says PWE. "As with our other major updates, we'll be releasing additional content each week: gradually adding new Champion of Aurion skins for Beckett, Vadasi, Voden, and Zandora, as well as a powerful new creature, the Storm Drake. If you're eager to play with all the new skins, hero, and creature right away, you can also unlock all the new content immediately by purchasing the Eternal Dawn bundle, which unlocks everything on day one at a huge discount to the total cost."

Beta players can also expect new honor bonus rewards for underdog matches, the guardian damage preview, and brand-new eternal light weapons, plus the usual smattering of balance tweaks. Check out the trailer below!

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Drakensang Online preps trailer for next week's Sands of Malice expansion

2011 free-to-play MMOARPG Drakensang Online has today released a trailer for next week's update, dubbed Sands of Malice, which is due on Tuesday. The expansion is expected to boost the level cap to 55, add a new random arena, create new difficulty modes for highbie areas, implement a new rune system, improve gems, insert new monster types, and buff parallel world drops.

"Sands of Malice is a huge new and free to access content expansion that takes players to a mysterious Arabian themed land full of desolation, powerful enemies and danger lurking around every corner. Players must travel to the homeland of the faithful character Zahir, to investigate his claims that the land is cursed. Rumors abound of an ancient power, and a plot to free it from its prison beneath the temple."

Check out the trailer below!

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Crowfall shows off the design of the Fort architectural set

The next big development milestone for Crowfall is work being done on the game's Eternal Kingdoms, a place for players to build a spot of refuge through the many different iterative world states that the game will endure. That means showing off some of the architectural styles which players can mix and match, and the latest one up for display is the Fort. Never fear, though, it's more than just a smaller version of the Keep; it's more like a Nordic hall than anything.

The Fort consists of an open hall for gathering, drinking, eating, or training, surrounded by wooden palisades to hold out any unwanted beasts or visitors. The plan is that players can mix and match this style with that of the Keep to make a unified aesthetic, but we'll have to wait to see more of the Keep to view that in action. Until then, you can just enjoy how light and airy the Fort will feel. Nice ventilation, too; that's important in real estate.


Worlds Adrift preps next alpha round with biome, lighting, and respawn tweaks

Hey, Landmark fans. Missing your game? Wondering where you'll go next? How about Worlds Adrift? It's a purty buildy sandboxy toy heading into its Alpha 6.1 playtest, which is testing out the new interior lighting system, new respawn rules, a revamp of the game's major biomes, new acrobatic skills, new ship parts and cores, and -- this is the cool one -- object lifecycles.

"Loose objects players leave behind will start to deteriorate and sink into the ground," explains Bossa Studios. "As the tempestuous death clouds strike the islands with lightning bolts from below, exciting the atlas buried within and creating mini-earthquakes, some of these objects will become completely buried. At the same time, other forgotten relics of the past will be brought to the surface."

Signups for the test run until March 1st, and you can already go build islands for free on Steam.

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The Soapbox: Pokemon Go Generation 2 still isn't a real MMO

Pokemon GO Generation 2 is out now, and it feels a lot like an MMO expansion in a lot of ways: We have new features, we have new grinding mechanics, and (of course) the combat system's been overhauled (twice, with the original change making dodging useless, the second possibly fixing the situation).

On the one hand, I'm excited as a Pokemon fan, especially since it's a free update. On the other hand, I'm starting to think that Raph Koster's famous comments on AR games being MMOs might be a bit off, at least in terms of POGO.
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Conan Exiles preps player modders, patches up modding fails

Conan Exiles' big dev blog out today ought to be a big help for gamers looking to run their own survival sandbox servers and tricking them out: It's all about building your own mods, which is basically like putting up a sign that says Bree, read me!

Existing mods can already be downloaded through the Steam Workshop, but if you want to make your own, Funcom says, you're going to need the dev kit, launcher, and UE4 editor -- piece of cake, right?

If you're not familiar with how Workshop works and are jumping in as a player, all you really need to know is that you'll be asked to download any mods the server is using as you're logging in, which is one of the rare modding advantages of running Workshop-capable games through Steam.

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The Stream Team: The Secret World's Emergency Procedures

Are you prepared? If you are Orochi, the answer is probably not. The organization was apparently studying the The Secret World's Filth, and you know how that had to end: in disaster. Massively OP's MJ is back in City of the Sun God to continue her work on the sabotage mission Emergency Procedures, Just how bad did the Orochi fail, and what exactly did they unleash upon the world? MJ aims to find out. Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. to see if she gets closer to completing The Unseen achievement.

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 24th, 2017

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Hundreds of housing items and dimensions are coming to RIFT in March

Next week marks RIFT's first big update of the Starfall Prophecy expansion cycle, Patch 4.1: Forged in Flames. When the patch drops on March 1st, it will not only bring a new raid and eternal weapons but also a semi truck's worth of additional dimensions and housing items.

Dimension Gallery has rounded up all of the details and images for professional and novice interior designers. At least five new dimensions will be added to the fantasy MMO: Volcanic Playground (sounds safe), Wyrd Hut, Alittu, Saint Taranis, and the wonderfully named Fortress of the Apocalypse.

Hundreds of additional housing items are coming as well, including banners, candles, building blocks, music blocks, and at least 35 buildings. If you primarily get your housing decor through minion missions, you'll be happy to hear that 4.1 will increase the number and types of dimension rewards that your followers bring back from associated quests.


Meta: Cloudbleed security notice for our Patreon users

Cloudflare DNS announced this morning that it suffered a security incident over the last few months that could affect a vast swath of the internet. It boils down to a since-repaired buffer issue that could potentially have exposed sensitive data, including website authentication tokens, to search engine caching.

Massively OP does utilize Cloudflare (you've probably seen it on those rare occasions our server hamsters go on strike) but we are not directly affected by the leak. "Your domain is not one of the domains where we have discovered exposed data in any third party caches," Cloudflare told us, and our tech has assured me our site does not use the features imperiled by the bug.

However, a number of sites and services are, possibly including Patreon, which many of you use to help fund us, and Feedly, which many of you use to follow our feeds. These sites and services are not at fault, and none of those I use has contacted us about a breach, but you may wish to investigate further.

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