Dogma: Eternal Night adds starting apartment, functional UI and chat

Vampire MMO themepark Dogma: Eternal Night has an update for alpha testers. "Until recently, players could only play around in the character editor," says the team, but thanks to the latest patch,

"Players can now check out the starting location – a small flat in the city. Right now, all you can do is look around and move in it; we haven’t added object interaction yet, as we need to improve on some of its elements. We will add this as soon as possible (first half of February at the very latest). Now you’ll be able to see a working UI and even the chat system, though for now you can only talk to yourself."

The studio is currently building two modules: one that "allows interactions within your flat (whether it be the starting location or the one you buy later)" and one that "add[s] interactions outside of your haven."

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Snail Games tries its hand at a zombie MMO with Moonlights

Slow or fast, zombies never stop coming at you, and zombie games are much the same. Snail Games is making an attempt to join the growing league of online zombie survival titles with its own upcoming Moonlights.

Moonlights is a PC survival sandbox that takes place in China following a zombie apocalypse. Chinese landmarks will dot the background as players scavenge supplies, assemble weapons, and try to make it to the next day.

The name refers to how the zombies in this game come out at night but get all bashful and reclusive by day, similar to the film I Am Legend or most lethargic superheroes. Nocturnal zombies are an interesting twist for the game genre and could go a long way to making the day/night cycle feel more impactful. But we have to ask: what about solar eclipses?

Source: MMOsite. Thanks Alex!


Neverwinter shows off the enemies of the River District

The River District of Neverwinter (the city) is not a pleasant place, or at least it won't be soon. For one thing, it's impossible to find a decent Gnome diner anywhere in the district. For another, it's overrun by the followers of high-level wizards, which means that players in Neverwinter (the game) will be facing off against Neverwinter's (the city again) most nefarious would-be gangs. Except, with this being Neverwinter (the game again), those gang members are also empowered by various sources to be more than just thugs with pointy bits of metal.

For example, some of those pointy bits of metal are on fire.

Each group of enemies is affected by the magical focus of its leaders. Kabal's followers like fire, iron, golems, and all of that fun stuff. Nostura enjoys magical beasts and the Fey. Last but not least, Gyrion has plenty of minions tied to the Spellplague and thus features mutated monstrosities that can best be described as "very blue." There are also Nashers running around, just to ensure that Neverwinter (the game, once again) players don't wind up running out of enemies to beat up even before assaulting the three high-level adversaries leading these groups.


Shroud of the Avatar: New outfits, new zones, and charity aid

Shroud of the Avatar's latest newsletter begins with a bang, at least if you're a fan of costumes. Portalarium is showing off both clockwork armor and Ardoris-themed robes and outfits expected in the next release.

The team further explores the North Drachvald Spur in a mountainous area of Novia that was heavily inspired by Mt Rainier in Washington State and is expected to debut with update 39. Zenos, an island encountered along the Path of Truth quest arc, is also profiled; it's due in R38. The darker images in the gallery come from K'rul, one of the game's open PvP zones and is likewise due in R39. Recently, SOTA has been accompanying its extensive (and most welcome!) image-dumps with videos of the in-progress zones too; we've included those below.

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More people died from PvE than PvP in Skyforge during 2016

Did you play any Skyforge in 2016? If so, your antics and activities likely contributed to the stats on a new infographic has posted to cap off the year. My favorites:

  • Over 2M characters died from stuff like falls and drowning. Ahem.
  • Over 4M fireworks were launched.
  • Almost 8M hours of Skyforge were played.
  • More than twice as many people died in PvE as PvP. (What?)
  • People like crusader armor better than togas and ghosts.

Check out the whole list below, including the lists of players with the most kills and prestige.

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DC Universe Online is adding a discount for further vendor sets

Earning a full set of the best possible gear you can wear is a good thing in any game. It takes a lot of time and effort, and DC Universe Online isn't backing off from that. The problem is that players who have already done that might very well need to do so again, either for secondary characters or another specialization on the same character. That's historically required the same amount of effort as the very first set, which can turn players off. It's a problem that the developers are aiming to fix with the upcoming vendor discount system.

Under the new system, players who have purchased all of the vendor set or the elite vendor set will receive an achievement which halves the price on any subsequent sets purchased, including on alts. Purchasing the full elite set then means that any other sets you buy on the same character or another character will cost half as much, so all of your specs and characters can come out to play. It's a quality of life improvement that you can test as part of Game Update 67, currently on the game's test server.


The Stream Team: Beginner's luck in Asheron's Call

There's still a huge world in Asheron's Call to explore, and Massively OP's MJ hasn't quite made it out of the tutorial yet! Time is a-ticking, so she's got to speed it up if she wants to experience more of the game. Luckily, Andrew will be joining in to help guide the adventure -- and keep MJ from getting sidetracked! Can beginner's luck also keep her alive once she starts facing real threats? Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. and let the duo know the best places to visit and best mobs to meet.

What: Asherons Call
Who: MJ Guthrie & Andrew Ross
When: 3:00 p.m. EST on Monday, January 23rd, 2017

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Hellion delays Early Access launch until February

PvP-based survival sandbox Hellion has been taking aim at a January Early Access launch for quite some time now, but it looks as if that target was a little optimistic after all. The development team announced today that in order to make sure the game is at the highest possible standard, it will be launching into Early Access in February rather than the remainders of January.

The exact launch date will be announced on January 25th, which will also provide a decent idea of whether the game has a little more work needed or if it may well get delayed again. Still, February's not that far away now; you can probably make it another month without tearing out your hair in frustration, right?


Wisdom of Nym: First impressions of Final Fantasy XIV's patch 3.5, part one

I can't think of the last time I've played through a patch of Final Fantasy XIV as quickly as I played through patch 3.5. That's not a mark against it, mind you; it's just that usually I find myself drawing things out a bit more, but for patch 3.5 I dove in feet-first and wound up clearing all of the new stuff that I intended to clear by the end of the first day. Both dungeons? Down. Dun Scaith? Cleared. Zurvan? Defeated. The Scholisticate? Boring, but still finished.

Look, I needed that Spectacles emote.

This is not altogether a bad thing, though; it means that I was engaged enough in the moment-to-moment content that I wanted to get it cleared in short order. So, as I do every time we get a big new patch, let's go over what's there, starting with the most mechanical aspects of the content and moving on to lore later. Probably next week, if we're going to be totally honest. These things always run long.

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Project Gorgon patches in high-level content

Project Gorgon has Orcs on the mind this week. No, playable Orcs aren't in the game yet, but their homeland is, as Gorgon patched in the new zone of Gazluk yesterday. The team said that this is just the "bones" of what Gazluk will eventually become, with only basic content available to experience in the region.

"Most of the planned caves are already accessible, although most just have basic content (monsters, some loot spawns, some solo-dungeon chests, etc.) The Orcish city, Gazluk City, is accessible, but the major group dungeon there is not yet ready," the team reported.

Going hand-in-hand with this new high-level zone is a level cap increase to 70. Several skills can now be trained up to 70, with a handful getting increases to 60 (come on, you know you want to be the most skilled cheesemaker on your block!). The patch does contain bad news for seafaring pyromaniacs, however: "Campfires can no longer be deployed underwater." Bummer.

Source: Patch notes


Leaderboard: Where do you stand on Marvel Heroes' massive overhaul update?

Past the downtime and the lag and the inventory snafus, how are Marvel Heroes players reacting to the "biggest update ever?"

Not well. On Steam, negative reviewers are busily tanking the game's rating, dragging its review score down from its usual "mostly positive" to the recent "mostly negative" with claims that the update drained the game of fun and lore and action and depth-wise is "a shallow husk of what it used to be."

On Reddit, players are upset that Gazillion apparently removed newbie accounts' options for their first hero, a regression in design goals.

On the official forums, players are annoyed over movement changes, the power bar, item changes, and attribute changes, calling it a "total destruction of a fantastic game." Ouch.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR's Creative Director on Uprisings and Update 5.1

We are a couple days early with the Hyperspace Beacon this week for a reason you're going to love: We had an exclusive conversation with Creative Director Charles Boyd about the Star Wars: The Old Republic update releasing tomorrow, and we wanted to give you some insight into what Defend the Throne might offer you. Even though you won the day at the end of the latest expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne, there are still factions that have problems with you and your Alliance. There are still uprisings all over the galaxy.

The new group content called Uprisings (pretty on the nose there, right?) is the focus of the next update. We'll see five more four-player, intense instances launch tomorrow, along with changes to the Command XP system and (of course) a new Cartel Market Pack.

I talked to Charles Boyd on Friday to get his input on the new content and a breakdown of each new Uprising and the overarching purpose behind them all.

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Ship of Heroes explains how you fit a city inside of a spaceship

Of the spiritual successors to City of Heroes, Ship of Heroes is the Johnny-come-lately that also puts all of the action inside of a gigantic spaceship which, in turn, fills that spaceship with a normal-looking Earth city. If your biggest takeaway from that (and our interview about that) was "how do you fit a city in a spaceship?" then we have good news: A new entry on the official site explains exactly how you do that. The short version? You make a really big spaceship.

The video just below shows of the dimensions of the FHS Justice, the eponymous ship full of heroes, which contains space for many different full-sized cities that each contain both underground and above-ground elements. It also sports very thick windows. You can feel free to do the math yourself if you'd like, but the short version is that there's space in the ship, which should assuage any worries you might have had about this superheroes-in-space game seeming unrealistic.

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