League of Legends championship paid out $6.7M in prizes

What would you do if you won $6.7 million dollars from playing video games? Other than make your parents and teachers weep at all of the time spent training you in anything other than the pixelated arts, that is.

Feel free to engage in daydreams about taking home part of this year’s $6.7M League of Legends World Championship Series prize pool, assuming that you’re a master of your mousecraft, can wheedle your way onto a pro team, and can travel back in time to enter the tournament. For the time being, let’s all be in awe of the fact that this year’s world championship payout ballooned to these proportions, which is far greater than last year’s, by the way, thanks to partial contributions from in-game sales.

A lengthy infographic broke down more than just the payout for this year’s world championship. The tournament contained 49 hours of game time, was watched by 43 million unique viewers, and awarded the first-ever three-time championship team in the game’s history.

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Snowmageddon strikes Atlas Reactor

Welcome to SNOWMAGEDDON, the brutal, take-no-prisoners, open-all-presents throwdown that only Atlas Reactor has the guts to operate! Well, it’s a lot more fluffy and spirited than that sounds, as the game introduced a Christmas-themed winter map and festive skins for some of its characters.

A new mode, Extraction, was also added to the game. Trion Worlds explained how this mode works: “Grab the case and play keep-away for as long as you can! Each turn you end with possession of the case, you’ll earn one point. Every kill is worth 2 points! When your team has earned 10 points an Extraction zone will appear for your team only. If you end your turn, alive, with the case, in your Extraction zone, you’ll win the game!”

Finally, the studio is starting to wrap up season one and has laid out several achievements for the most daring and tenacious of players.


Uncharted Waters Online finally docks at Atlantis

What’s behind that cloud up there? Why, it’s the fabled lost continent of Atlantis! Don’t believe us? Say that this is just a fluffy cloud? Then you’re just going to have to log into Uncharted Waters Online to see for yourself.

In this week’s Acropolis update, UWO finally arrives at Atlantis (with the help of a solar barge), where ancient technology can be researched, blessings from the gods can be bestowed, and plenty of new maps can be explored. For the truly daring, the Acropolis Temple instance features an endless dungeon in which to eventually die.

The patch toned down some of the difficulty with land battles and added a trio of new ships to obtain. There’s now the French flagship Dauphin Royale, the Spanish transport galleon Felipe, and the arctic vessel Polar Expedition Ketch.

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Grim Dawn preps its third roguelike dungeon

Very soon now the doors to Grim Dawn’s newest dungeon will creak open, a yawning mouth that invites grizzled and overeager adventurers both to step through it and be swallowed. The OARPG’s latest free content update is coming by mid-December and features the Fall of Valbury instance.

“The Fall of Valbury is our third roguelike dungeon,” the team explained, “joining the esteemed ranks of the Steps of Torment and the Bastion of Chaos that came before it. This massive area is packed with new challenges, bosses, lore and of course loot. A whopping 16 lore notes (and a few secrets) await you within Port Valbury.”

In addition to the dungeon itself, the update will add more rare mobs, buff up underperforming skills, and tune a few items that are out of whack.


EverQuest II celebrates a new Frostfell event with double the reward items

Christmas time is here in the real world, and while we’re decorating trees and decking halls, it’s important that we get our winter holiday fix in games as well. EverQuest II understands this need and is addressing it with the newest round of the Frostfell event. Players can earn 15 items from Santa Glug, 7 of which are completely new to the game, meaning there are double the options for rewarding your festive spirit.

This year also features a new quest in which you lead a lost little goblin around, and crafters can also make new outfits while other players purchase cosmetic armor both new and old. The good news for players on the time-locked server is that Frostfell is arriving for you, too; some of the later content will be locked out, but you needn’t miss out just because you’re slowly working through the expansions one at a time.


Skyforge delays political system indefinitely

In a calendar year dominated by politics, one game is putting a hard stop to its own election process.

Today, Skyforge announced that its in-development political system, the Council of Gods, is being postponed indefinitely. The system was to allow for the in-game election of a player council that would enjoy bonuses and be able to shape events in the game going forward. According to the team, evaluation of the system did not meet its expectations and so the Council of Gods will be need to be reworked if it is ever to arrive in the game.

“We have been forced to make a difficult decision and the political system will be reviewed,” the team said. “The concept requires a serious rethink and many of the mechanisms will need to be redesigned from scratch. This means that the Council of Gods will not be arriving in the game soon. We are very sad that this innovation has to be postponed. But it is our desire to deliver well-developed innovations that has made up our minds.”

Source: Skyforge


World of Warcraft wants you to be happy with your class

Are you happy with your World of Warcraft class? Oh, there’s always something to complain about, although some players have more legitimate grievances than others in this regard. It’s with great hope then that the WoW community is hoping that Blizzard will adjust the odds in their favor when Patch 7.1.5 arrives.

Today’s live developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas mostly centered around specific questions about class issues and Blizzard’s sometimes non-committal answers on those. There was also a lot of discussion about legendary items and reducing the artifact knowledge grind for alts. While the community doesn’t seem overly satisfied with all of the answers given in this video, Hazzikostas assured players that the studio wants players to be happy with their characters and not avoid certain specs.

Wowhead has a point-by-point summary of the hour-long Q&A session. If you’d like to watch the whole stream and catch all of the nuances of the conversation, we’ve got it for you after the jump.

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Gigantic steamrolls in with a spotlight on the Margrave

He’s large! He’s demonic! He’s definitely been skipping leg day! He’s the Margrave, and he’s the latest hero in Gigantic’s lineup, quite possibly the last to be featured before the open beta kicks off. Would that bother the Margrave? Not in the least; the Margrave is kind of a one-issue guy, and that one issue is whether or not there’s anything nearby to smash. If there isn’t, then he needs to go somewhere else and smash things there.

Mechanically, the Margrave can alternate between being an aggressive pusher for his team and providing defensive support. He doesn’t have a stance shift, though; he just has a lot of abilities that allow for both functions. He can summon a glowing ball of hellfire to deflect enemy projectiles, perfect for defending points… or for burning enemies as he charges. He can leap and smash the ground to stop enemy advances or push deep behind the opposing line. Check out the triangular ball of destruction in his spotlight video just below, and if you’re eager to play him yourself, he’ll be in the open beta on December 8th.

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Choose My Adventure: Assassinating randoms in The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s weird how attitudes towards death vary depending on the video game and the structure set up. In Saints Row the Third, a friend and I played a madcap duo named Morgan and Ryoko, and I have never once given a second thought to Ryoko’s habit of flinging grenades into the other lane of traffic for no reason outside of the fact that she could. The consequences of her actions would fall under the header of war crimes in any sensible world. Yet it wasn’t really the sort of world where that mattered.

What I’m getting at is that The Elder Scrolls Online made me kind of uncomfortable when it told me that the quest to get into the Dark Brotherhood would start when I killed someone. Just… someone. It didn’t really matter whom, so long as the person I killed was an innocent, arbitrary victim. That seemed wrong somehow.

Still, this was how the vote went, and thus I was off to the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get nearly as much time to play this week as I would have liked, but I made the best use of the time I did have to get in and start doing stuff for the Dark Brotherhood.

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Mech_Con 2016: MWO skill trees, game modes, and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

As one might hope for from a convention, Mech_Con 2016 was a time to not only hang out with other fans and meet the devs but get exciting announcements for MechWarrior Online. And Piranha Games didn’t disappoint. From the new game modes to the new skill trees, there was definitely new content revealed and showcased. Then there was the surprise announcement of the single-player MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, which brought the audience to its feet.

Beyond the staged announcements, I also had the chance to sit down with Piranha Games President Russ Bullock to talk a bit about the future of MechWarrior Online. Here’s a run-down of the news that came from the game’s first convention, as well as a peek in pictures of the other ‘Mech related activities — like watching the first world championship play out, play testing Catalyst Games’ upcoming BattleTech board game, and hearing more about the Hairbrained Scheme’s BattleTech turn-based game in development.

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The Stream Team: SWTOR’s SCORPIO says what needs to be said

It’s almost here. Only one more step stands between Massively OP’s MJ and her grand entrance into KOTFE , and that step’s name is SCORPIO. According to Larry, the best companion has been saved for last. MJ is intrigued: What story will come out of conversing with this machine? And how will you decide the direction of some of those chats as a part of Choose My Alignment? Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. to hear the tale as MJ ties up her final loose end.

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: Larry Everett & MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

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Blade & Soul’s Ruins of Khanda Vihar patch brings new storyline, dungeon, and winter holiday content

“The winds of Fate beckon!” NCsoft posted today following Blade & Soul’s return to service after maintenance. Yes, the 2.9 update is live now and introduces the Ruins of Khanda Vihar storyline, Naryu Foundry dungeon, and new legendaries and accessories.

“This sweeping new multi-chaptered questline will send you to investigate the bizarre happenings plaguing the town of Sandstone Refuge—sounds of weeping, black feathers falling from the sky, and a foreboding presence. Assisting the town’s citizens sets you off on a grand adventure across the world where you’ll reunite with Dokdan the Wise and unravel a dire mystery on the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.”

Winter holiday festivities will also kick off today, complete with decorated locations, new music, the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon, and wintery loot. Meanwhile, signups for the game’s latest tourney, Rumble in the Realm II, remain open until tomorrow.

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Conan Exiles’ new trailer features elephants, sandstorms, shelter, and dancing thralls

Funcom has a long video out today on Conan Exiles, and while it begins with a retread of the basics of starting out in the game, it quickly ramps up to cover new topics, like hunting animals for resources, surviving sandstorms, and building structures in the game world for protection. The team also discusses thralls and how players can used these enslaved NPCs to craft their gear and protect their bases when you’re sleeping. Thralls can also help you recover from encroaching insanity by dancing (sounds like battle fatigue, eh?).

Don’t forget about yesterday’s dev blog either; it dives into character creation, from selecting your hairstyle to picking out the crimes for which you’ve been sentenced to death.

The new video is below.

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