Revelation Online drops a blademaster trailer and Netease have a new video out today, one of the prettiest yet for the upcoming Revelation Online. This one is a trailer for the Blademaster class.

“The Blademaster lives by a strong warrior code which has been passed on through the ages by the class most adept tutors. The player will take the role of secondary tanks and close combat specialists in the game. They combine their twin blade damage with escape skills allowing them to cut through wave after wave of enemies.”

It’s not a short teaser, mind; it’s four minutes of (admittedly predictable) storytelling with full voiceover and great music. Enjoy it below.

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WoW Factor: The Legion prepatch brings the storm front

On some level, it honestly feels weird to be excited by this patch in World of Warcraft. There’s no new stuff to actually do, and I’m running up against that a fair bit myself. It’s still Warlords of Draenor, and that means it’s still kind of the same old mess with the same old issues. All that’s really new is our abilities and our wardrobe. That’s not all that much.

On the other level… it means something. Not just that this is a thing that is actually happening now, but that this is something happening soon, that we’re going to be into the next expansion in the near future, and the game now has more motivations for players to go out and take care of various bits of content. And all of those ability changes are pretty cool on their own, to boot. We’re into the almost-Legion period of the game, and even though the pre-launch events haven’t started yet, it feels like the clouds have gathered.

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APB: Reloaded sees UK layoffs, plans PS4 update

“Big, dramatic, and dare I say exciting things are afoot!”

Thus begins APB: Reloaded’s latest dev blog, penned by Community Manager Tiggs and Producer Joshua “capnjosh” Clausen. The duo explain that the UK team recently laid off “a number of people” and that “the APB Team will begin to move over to the US office.”

“The Future of APB is a bright one – we don’t have any plans of closing down and quite honestly there is a palpable excitement in the air. We do want to move forward with the PS4 release and Engine Upgrade. PS4 update is the main priority right now, since we need to get all platforms up to the same code base before we can complete a number of engine-level changes we all know are of such great interest. Yes, I know you’ve heard all this before; it actually is what needs to happen. We’re hoping to have this (PS4 release) completed in September. I’m not sure of a time line on the Engine Upgrade at this time, and I don’t want to say an estimated time until I can delve into things deeper to see where we are at.”

Gamersfirst is also apparently working on a dynamic event system and the moving of Brazilian players to the core servers.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Genobee!


The Stream Team: Elder Scrolls Online’s Cradle of Shadows with ZeniMax

As our Elder Scrolls Online columnist and streamer, I usually prefer soloing and duoing most of the content in the ZeniMax Studios MMORPG. But the upcoming Shadows of the Hist DLC is all about the two group-dungeon raiding, and that means we’ve had to kidnap some ZeniMax developers to help me guide you through the brand-new content! We’ll be checking out the Cradle of Shadows dungeon specifically. There might even be some prizes in it for you!

Tune in live at 12:00 p.m. EDT to watch ZeniMax show OPTV‘s Larry Everett how it’s done when the Stream Team brings you…

What: The Elder Scrolls Online
Who: Larry Everett and ZeniMax Online Studios
When: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 29th, 2016

Enjoy the show and watch the chatroom for giveaways!

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Star Citizen’s new season of Around the Verse shakes up the format

Season three of Star Citizen’s long-running Around the Verse series is kicking off this week with a special guest: Chris Roberts himself.

Roberts joins regular host Sandi Gardiner to introduce the new format of the show, which’ll now have a Star Citizen feature deep dive; segments focusing on ships, environments, characters, visuals, or props; and a report from one of the four studios working on SC or Squadron 42. “I’m pretty excited about this new format as it’s going to allow you all of you to see a lot more of what I see on a daily basis which is pretty cool,” Roberts says. (The general consensus on Reddit so far is that it’s much shorter but higher-quality with more technical details.)

This episode includes a report from the LA offices working on atmospheric flight, a look at the almost-flight-ready Reliant ship, and a behind-the-scenes clip on the GrimHex locale’s unique and grungy wearables. Watch below!

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Nexon chairman steps down following corruption indictment

Kim Jung-ju is one of the richest men in South Korea and co-founder of Nexon. He also was chairman at Nexon, but he has stepped down following an indictment by South Korean investigators on charges of corruption. The investigation has been ongoing for three weeks now, covering a series of bribes to senior prosecutor Jin Kyung-joon totaling around $800,000 and suspicious stock trading activity between 2005 and 2014.

Following the indictment, Nexon released a press release stating that while the company is sad to hear the news, Kim Jung-ju’s actions appear to have been entirely personal and do not reflect upon Nexon or its employees. It’s too early to say what effect this will have on Nexon’s operations in the longer term, although we encourage our readers to come up with speculative theories wherein the whole thing culminated with driving a car into Nexon’s headquarters.


Pokemon Go: Building bridges, crashing cars, and whitehat hacking

I almost start to worry about Pokemon Go when we have only a few stories to report and not so many that I am culling them!

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World of Warcraft’s new action camera causes motion sickness in some players

An experimental action camera mode added in World of Warcraft’s last patch gave players a little more than they bargained for, as it has apparently triggered motion sickness among some of its viewers.

Blizzard noted that the camera mode is “unfinished” but that some players had unknowingly activated it and suffered ill effects from it. As a result, the studio said that it has taken the mode offline entirely while adjustments are made: “We’ve been able to use them to isolate a few more potential sources of motion sickness, and are currently working on sending out a small hotfix patch that will hopefully address at least some of them.”

The studio also posted a new developer diary covering some of the profession improvements coming with Legion’s release in August. Players will be able to raise their profession skills to 800 while participating in many more crafting and gathering quests than in previous expansions. Other changes include being able to upgrade recipes and crafted armor.

If you want a deep dive into the profession changes, check out a dev Q&A video after the break!

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Hearthstone’s new adventure is called One Night in Karazhan

Early this morning, Blizzard formally announced Hearthstone’s next adventure: One Night in Karazhan. Yep, tuggin’ on the ol’ WoW nostalgia heartstrings! If you’re a fan of Hearthstone’s cheesier DLC, you’re going to dig this one too.

“Karazhan, long a potent nexus of arcane energies, is about to become the focal point of a very different kind of cosmic force. The wizard Medivh has used every bit of magic at his disposal to set up the most lavish and extravagant party of all time, and your name is on the guest list alongside the crème de la crème of Azeroth and beyond! With such an eclectic mix of attendees, it’s guaranteed that this party will be out of this world. But as you groove to the music and let the sights dazzle you, beware; one night in Karazhan, and even tough guys tumble. Keep your decks straight, your wits sharp, and above all, stay alive!”

As usual, expect new cards, new legendary cards, a new game board, portal spell cards, and class challenges unlocking through the event. The intro mission unlocks August 11th and will progress through as-yet-unrevealed Parlor, Opera, Menagerie, and Spire missions after that. Best get to unlocking all those characters!

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Mark Kern to Ember followers: ‘I feel a profound sense of responsibility for what happened to Firefall’

In the wake of the apparent complete emptying of the Red 5 Studios offices this week, former Firefall founder Mark Kern is forging ahead on his own reimagining of the game with a new title called Ember.

A bit of context: Kern is a decidedly controversial (his word) figure to MMORPG genre veterans, to the point that when his name is mentioned in an article, we will invariably have commenters requesting we not cover his games or activities. His chief claim to fame is as an original developer on World of Warcraft, which he repeatedly slammed after his departure from Blizzard. Though he founded Red 5, he was forcibly removed from the studio in 2013 following a round of layoffs and the suspension of PvP in Firefall; in the months that followed, former employees called his behavior as CEO “erratic” and “destructive” and mocked his infamous e-sports bus project. Somewhere in there, he founded and raised seed money for a VR MMO (which doesn’t appear to exist now) and became involved in promoting bizarre petitions against mainstream gaming websites. More recently, he marched into the drama surrounding the now-closed Nostalrius vanilla World of Warcraft emulator, insisting on hand-delivering a player petition to Blizzard at a meeting with his former bosses during which he advocated for vanilla servers.

When Firefall began to falter this past winter and spring, Kern volunteered to purchase the game if it sunsetted, denouncing what shipped after his removal from the project as “a complete disaster.” The9 hasn’t made any announcements about the present or future of Firefall yet, but in the meantime, Kern’s got another related project on tap, and that brings us back to Ember.

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The Daily Grind: How important are MMORPG playerbase metrics to you?

While playing Overwatch with guildies the other night, my husband turned to me with a hypothetical. The guys were speculating on World of Warcraft’s current playerbase size and wanted to know whether all the other sub MMOs combined could touch WoW’s sub numbers.

I did my best to answer them — with at least a hundred caveats. Blizzard doesn’t give sub numbers anymore. Do we go by last count? Do we go by pre-expansion peak extrapolation? Do we count western monthly subs and eastern microsubs equally? How do you estimate the subs of hugely successful sub games like Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Final Fantasy XIV for the purposes of this calculation? How much weight do you give stats from the likes of Raptr, Steam, and Superdata? In the end, I told them sure — it’s completely possible that WoW’s western sub base is now lower than the western sub bases of just those three games combined, and that’s without factoring in RuneScape or EVE Online (and so on through the list of hybrid F2Ps and classic games).

But it’s an educated guess. With increasing frequency, studios refuse us the information to figure it out, and that’s frustrating to me as both a player and a journalist. We’re left with picking apart revenue numbers and endless streams of registered user bragging. To a degree, I can understand not wanting to tip your hand when the community would panic over a sub dip or similar, but the status quo borders on deception.

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Massively Overthinking: Starting over with MMORPGs

This week’s Massively Overthinking topic is from a reader named Yasser, who asked us:

“If you had to pick one MMO to experience all over again as a new player, which one would you pick? In other words, which MMO gave you the best newbie experience?”

Hindsight is 20/20, right? I mean, you only truly get the newbie experience once; every newbie experience after that has the advantage of having to introduce you only to the game, not to the entire genre of online gaming the way the first one did. Still, I bet most of us — and you! — have a pretty good idea which MMORPGs are best for a true newbie. Let’s sound off for this week’s edition!

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Mu Origin launches on mobile with a giveaway

While the rest of the world might be content to use their mobile devices to catch pokeymans, you could be the one gamer who is diving into a full-fledged MMORPG on your phone instead.

Mu Origin launched today on both Android and iOS devices, bringing the long-running series to mobile. Players can choose from one of three classes and explore the expected MMO trappings, including a main story quest, a shifting economy, PvP, and challenging dungeons. The team is also giving away a batch of goodies for those who log in today, including an epic chest ticket and 200 bound diamonds.

To help ease your transition into this mobile game, Webzen whipped up a video tutorial to cover all of the basics of Mu Origin for the uninitiated. Check it out below!

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