This is how Conan Exiles’ trailer was made

Wanna know how Conan Exiles’ brutal cinematic teaser trailer was made? Stockholm-based VFX studio Bläck is the group responsible for Funcom’s video work there and has released a making-of vid for the trailer. Conanception! Jokes aside, it’s actually a neat look inside the visuals, and man, check out the insane detail, from the character’s medallions and hair down to the blood drips.

The video’s below!

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Here’s how Crowfall’s armor effects work per archetype

Armor is a vital protective element in most MMORPGs, something that ensures that your organs remain unsullied no matter how many hobbies your characters have that should rightfully result in some damaged body parts. In Crowfall, armor works like that as well, but it also has the added effect of being freely worn by all archetypes. It’s the secondary effects and the protection types that make the difference, as detailed in a new chart on the official site.

Aside from the differences in protection, equipping all armor of a particular type will have an effect upon your character’s performance. So a Ranger in full plate can unload her rapid-fire abilities more efficiently in plate armor, or she can enjoy quicker movement in leather, or she can enjoy bonus resource generation in chain armor. The chart was originally made for internal use, but it’s helpful for players as well; it’s well worth a glance to get an idea of how various different types will have differing effects on the battlefield.


Star Trek Online previews the missions of the 23rd century and its console UI

When Star Trek Online goes back in time to the era of the original series, players are going to have plenty of temporal antics to deal with… along with plenty of more immediate issues like hostile Klingons and phenomena totally unheard of in the 23rd century. Players with Gold or Lifetime subscriptions will be able to experience the Battle of Caleb IV and Tangled Webs before the expansion goes life, giving them a chance to slip back in time and take on threats to Starfleet before the modern era.

If you’re not up for mucking about in the timestream, however… well, this might be the wrong franchise for you, but you can still take advantage of the game’s upcoming console UI. Controlling your starship on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One was always going to require a reworking of certain interface elements, and the solution is a special radial menu allowing players to quickly navigate and utilize abilities in ground combat and space combat. The result is cleaner LCARS-inspired menus and an interface made for a console while still carrying all of the elements of its PC origins.

Source: The Battle of Caleb IV, Tangled Webs, Console UI; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!


The Stream Team: A Steam-y Chronicle: RuneScape Legends match

In honor of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends launching on Steam tomorrow, MassivelyOP’s MJ is launching herself back into the fray! She is even testing those Steam waters for you. You know what that means? A really Steam-y stream! And you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? So tune in live at 4:00 p.m. as MJ plots to decimate her foes on a new platform. (Whether she succeeds or not is a totally different story.)

What: Chronicle: RuneScape Legends
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 4:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Enjoy the show!

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Master X Master introduces Innowin and a livestreamed tournament

Master X Master continues its tour of the playable heroes within with the introduction of Innowin, a scout and damage-dealer who prefers that enemies never see her coming. Not because she’s stealthy, mind you, but because she’d rather dispatch her enemies from long range with her personal particle acceleration cannon before said enemies can even consider her presence. You can see her strut her stuff in a new video just below.

But the game isn’t just about watching individual heroes strut around, it’s about seeing the characters act in concert. You’ll be able to see what the game’s PvP side looks like in depth in an upcoming livestream tournament, starting at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 26th. Players will be introduced to the game, then will form teams and take one another on in the Titan Ruins map, giving fans an idea of what the game will look like when it’s open to the public.

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Istaria adds new questline and icon revamp with Niesa’s Fate update

Istaria, which you might remember as Horizons way back in the day, has this week released Niesa’s Fate, the 16.1 update for the dragon-encrusted MMORPG. Cue lore!

“Niesa was a well-known and brilliant alchemist who was also in love with Giltekh Framtor, her one-time apprentice, but now a Master Alchemist in his own right. Ten years ago she vanished in the Eastern Deadlands while searching for components to a potion she claimed ‘would change everything’ about the war. Begin your quest in Aradoth, and solve what happened Niesa.”

Players of this classic MMO can also expect epic boss and item changes, a huge icon art revamp, new decorations in a number of buildings, a new combat dummy, new epic allies, and sweet dryad wings.


Get a quick rundown of the lore relationships in Overwatch

With 21 characters, 12 maps, and 0 actual in-game story, it can occasionally be difficult to place what’s happening in Overwatch within the context of the game’s lore. There’s a lot of backstory there, but it’s not displayed on the screen when you’re shooting away. You could read through all of the supplementary material to find out what the deal is… or you could take advantage of a quick overview of the most important relationships between characters and maps.

Sure, it’s hard to forget the fact that Genji and Hanzo are brothers, but you might not remember that Zenyatta served as Genji’s mentor, or that Lucio stole his technology from Symmetra’s employers. You don’t need to follow the story to understand that you should probably shoot the gorilla charging at you, of course, but if you’re wondering who the heck that guy charging at you is supposed to be, this is a good rundown.

Source: Reddit


Wild Terra begins Steam Greenlight campaign and key giveaway

In celebration of its Steam Greenlight campaign push today, medieval sandbox Wild Terra has released a brand-new trailer showing off its construction and combat mechanics — and studio Juvty Worlds has granted Massively OP 100 keys that unlock early access and five premium days of play through the official client. Juvty tells us that once the game is Greenlit and launched on Steam, existing players will receive Steam keys as well.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Slay ARK’s bosses first on The Center and win cash

Fame and fortune are a good combination, right? Beyond bragging rights, Studio Wildcard is offering cold hard cash to the first tribes to defeat ARK: Survival Evolved’s two raid bosses on the new The Center official PvP servers. Whether you play on the Xbox or the PC, you’ve got a shot at the combine $1,000 prize; $500 will go to the first Xbox tribe and another $500 to the first PC tribe to beat both the Broodmother in her lair and the mighty Megapithecus. Proof will be via screenshot: Players must provide images of the pause menu in the boss arenas that show server name as well as images of the loot the bosses leave behind when they are dispatched! All entries must be posted directly on the official thread, but the images can be either uploaded to the official gallery or imgur.

In other news, today the markers showing the new biome areas should be deployed into game, so players will be able to visually see exactly what structures may be impacted. The boundaries are hard to miss! Even better — for the color blind, they borders also have text all to differentiate between the keep out area and the safe zone. You can see what to expect below.

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Final Fantasy XIV brings a new event to the Gold Saucer

Has your fervor for the Gold Saucer died down a bit? It’s understandable if it has. That emporium of minigames and fantastic prizes hasn’t changed so much since Final Fantasy XIV first introduced it, and it’s quite possible you’ve had your fill of its neon lights and plush carpeting. But it’s going to draw you back with the new seasonal event, the Make It Rain Campaign, giving everyone the incentive to get in on the glory of the MGP game within the casino.

From Friday, May 27th, until Friday, June 10th, there’s a new seasonal questline in place to attract player attention. There are also three event-exclusive rewards available: a new housing trophy, a new emote, and a firecracker that rains money from the sky. (Not quite “making it rain” in the traditional sense, but still.) Last but not least, all MGP gains will be increased by 50%, making it that much easier to farm up the currency and get the items you really want within the prize selections.


Bless will be down to two Korean servers after its next round of merges

Back in February, Bless underwent a merge of its servers — sorry, a “server integration” — over in Korea. According to Steparu, June will bring yet another round of merges, leaving just two servers total, down from more than 10.

Aeria Games announced last month that it will publish Bless here in the west; alpha is planned for “soon” and the server plan for US and Europe hasn’t been finalized.

Source: Steparu. Thanks, Ninja Cat!


World of Warcraft’s latest patch aims to clean up low-level play

The lower levels of World of Warcraft are kind of a mess and a half. Once you get to Outland at 60 or so, the questing experience feels more balanced, but creating a new character means stepping into a world that was still never meant to account for talent changes, ability shifts, and a vast array of heirlooms. This has largely been ignored because it’s also over in half a minute, but the most recent patch to the live game is aimed at making these lower levels slightly more balanced and accommodating for players.

Low-level quest targets should respawn faster with high numbers of people in the area, specific quest targets now have multi-tap and scaling functionality, and damage at lower levels has been tuned down somewhat. While these changes won’t fix the experience entirely, they should provide a much more balanced experience for starting players, which is highly relevant for anyone picking up the game for the first time. It also seems to touch upon recent statements about the low-level game being something of a train wreck.


Crowfall says it’s retooling its ‘test cadence’

ArtCraft says it’s “shifting gears” and recalibrating Crowfall’s “test cadence.”

“Over the next few months, we are going to adjust our test cadence and gauge the impact on our development velocity,” says the studio in what is surely the most jargony sentence I’ve had to type this year. What they mean is that they are going to halt the current phase of multiple tests per week and focus on longer test cycles so that when the test server is “back online, [ArtCraft] will have more to show.”

As the year marches on, the studio says, it will switch over from testing to building, thereby speeding up development with an eye toward that soft launch it mentioned a few weeks back.

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