Revelation Online previews two more closed beta dungeons

Are you ready to take on the dungeons of Revelation Online‘s closed beta being previewed today? Probably not! The beta isn’t starting until November 3rd, and you’ll need to level before you’re ready, so you don’t have enough levels to take them on yet. But once you do have enough levels, you can be amply armed and prepared to dive into Misty Hollow and the Deserted Shrine, both of which sound like prime vacation spots.

The air of a vacation gets even stronger when you start reading about what lies within both of these dungeons. Misty Hollow is occupied by the spiritual Spider Queen who is trying to escape to wreak havoc on the world, while the brutal Shingen organization occupies the Deserted Shrine with its magical experiments. (Which means it’s not exactly deserted any longer, but let’s not split hairs.) Both dungeons require level 35 for the easier mode but have harder options available up to level 45, so get ready to start leveling in the beta and take on some dungeons.

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