Star Citizen free-fly, 3.0 release interview, and Around the Verse

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the chalky candy hearts and five-foot teddy bears remain. You know what’s one other thing that’s still around? Star Citizen’s Valentine’s Day promotion, which will let you fly a multi-crew ship with your friends for free through the weekend.

There’s also a new interview out with RSI’s Erin Roberts, who addresses the big 3.0 release among other topics: “We’re working hard on 3.0 right now and you’ve hopefully seen some great stuff we’re putting into it on the tour. We’re still at the start of the year and there is a lot of scheduling work going on so I’m obviously not giving dates today and of course we want to give the juicy information to the community first, but we’re looking at putting out perhaps two or three big releases this year which significantly push the amount of locations, gameplay mechanics, and content that the players will be able to experience and give feedback on.”

Finally, Star Citizen fans have a new Around the Verse episode to digest and discuss. See the Prospector and Super Hornet in action, and listen to the devs talk about the difficulties of creating multi-regional servers after the break.

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I do wish CIG were a bit more accurate with their dates. 3.0 was meant to be coming out in December last year and now they are talking about it ‘some time’ this year which then pushes the whole timeline even further along. 4.0 was meant to be Dec ’17 but will probably be closer to Dec ’18 instead. It could be 2020 before this game releases its MVP at this rate. They made a load of money off that December date and it’s now looking like there was no way they could have achieved it. Can’t say I like that.

Darkwalker75 .

I’d like to know where you got the dates of 17-18 December for 4.0, cause I cant remember them saying anything like that.
The dates they give are usually estimates and never hard dates, and they cant be more accurate about those dates than they are.

Game development are not an exact science, there are any number of things that can cause things to take a lot longer than anyone can reasonably expect or predict.
And unlike a publisher who pushes for games to meet some arbitrary date and thus release a buggy half finished mess, CIG are taking their time to do things right from the start.
It means that things will likely take longer, but the benefit of that is that things will actually work properly from the start, unlike many publisher games that’s released with bugs so severe that they prevent players from progressing in the game.


At last year’s Gamescom Chris said 3.0 would be out before the 19th of December and that 4.0 would arrive 12 months later, thus Dec ’18.

I completely agree that it’s not a science and that things are in flux but most other companies seem to manage this adequately, it’s something that CIG do over and over, they don’t appear to learn from their previous examples.

Unfortunately it totally remains to be seen if them taking longer has any bearing on the quality of the final product, there’s no guarantee that they’re deliver a 100% bug-free flawless product, it could still be a janky mess.

Darkwalker75 .

I seem to have misunderstood the dates you were talking about.
I thought you meant 4.0 was said to be released December 17-18 last year.
Your replay cleared that up and I appreciate that.
Whether or not 4.0 will come this year I prefer not to speculate on, and will wait and see.

Most companies(developers) have a publisher pushing them to follow an arbitrary timeline regardless of whether or not that timeline is reasonable or not.
And if things are not ready at the given time, they are told to either cut things or release them as is even if it means its only a buggy half finished mess and told to fix them later(as in after release).
The result is a barely playable to unplayable mess where players can wait for months for a fix, simply because the publisher wants the quickest possible return on their investment.

As for CIG not being able to follow their timelines there are a few facts to keep in mind.
Most companies are either just releasing a game that’s a remake of last years game(BF, COD, etc) or is a variation on a theme that’s been used countless times before(fantasy MMOs like ESO, GW, SWTOR etc).
What CIG are doing is threading completely new ground.
They are doing a lot of R&D and making things nobody has done before, making it difficult at best to predict how long things will take, which results in a lot of missed ETAs.

As for releasing a 100% bug free flawless product, nobody can do that.
There will always be bugs, the question is how severe those bugs will be once its released.
Given that they don’t have a publisher breathing down their neck and pushing them to finish things by some arbitrary date, they have more time to actually make sure things work properly before its release.
Add to that the fact that the players themselves are able to test things while they are still in development and providing valuable feedback which they actually listen to, makes me far more inclined to believe that they can deliver a far more stable and bug free game than most companies have to date.

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Tobasco da Gama

So, 3.0 probably will be out this year (I’m gonna make a wild-ass guess for summer, maybe around June), with maybe something else as well.


As no one, not even CIG knows for sure, I’m going guess 3 months after whenever Chris Roberts says it will be out.. Oh, a date. Uh, December.

Wendigo Runner

I wonder if this game will have much growth post-release. Seems like anyone who wants the game will probably have already bought it, and those players are going to grow bored of the experience — as we all do with any game.

In other words I kind of wonder if this is going to be an Evolve-esque situation where the community just kind of dries up soon after release. Granted, Evolve was more of a one trick pony. Star Citizen should have much more to do, but that may not entirely stop it from happening as they will have been experiencing everything that the game has to offer for quite some time.

Anyhow it’s just a thought. I don’t really care if someone is a supporter of the game or not.

I’m not going to enable replies to this. Some of ya’ll go mental one way or the other over this game and it ain’t worth following the responses. o/

Joe Blobers

I won’t questioning your question :) Currently the number of backers (not accounts) is around 500.000. We could say that SQ42 will interest only space fan and SC, MMO fans. The current tech developed by CIG provide so much visual quality and opportunity to wander around an almost infinite space that the potential of more gamers is there.

Between those waiting review to buy and people not aware at all I will count easily 1 million more gamers on PC.
If CIG do have good feedback after release that would easily jump to another million.
If Chris Roberts decide to port SQ42 to Scorpio (and that wont be that hard, Scorpio is a small form PC with standard hardware able to play on all HD TV at 60FPS) you can add several more millions.

The potential is indeed huge. We will see in a year or two.

Alex Hyer

Squadron 42 will bring in new players. A finished Persistent Universe will draw in crowds too. There’s a lot of people out there, believe it or not, who still haven’t heard of this game.

Word of mouth for a good game makes a big difference. ARK, for instance has soared mostly because its fans have pushed it.

So if Sq42 is good, if the PU is what they claim it’ll be, it’ll be just fine in the long run.

Joe Blobers

I agree. The current joust game of you are the cultist, no it is you… involved at max depending on date, between 10 to 20 guys, always the same, me included :)

Clearly we are in middle of what we have today and major patch and SQ42. Patch coming say every quarter and SQ42, expected before or around mid 2018. That leave a window for:
– doubter who express their concerns or doubt (fine),
– low level trolls that take the opportunity to do their “jobs”, whatever the target
– True dedicated troll that do have an agenda or are so stupid that can’t get the time needed to make AAA. Shooting endlessly: but I was told 2014! :)

12 or 24 months looks long, but all those “drama” will fade out a bit more every month with each patch and finally, release of SQ42 and Beta of SC

Loyal Patron

Just look at interest in the game now as a metric. With no science behind I can say that any SC article posted two years ago would have been 50 comments in a matter of an hour on any site. Now? It takes an hour for someone to even chime in.

All fundraising, from new patrons, momentum has been lost so now they may actually begin work on the game. Not before squeezing the whale sponge on existing customers of course.


Too much of that was just troll behaviour anyway. How many posts did Manzes and his sock puppet accounts generate? CIG articles back then were very low on actual discussion of the game because it was more about it supposedly being a scam and comparisons to Elite.


The game made $5,000,000 in pledges the last 3 months and have 1,700,000 accounts. While I’m with you that existing backers may not be spending as much, the momentum is certainly not lost or even slowing. With 3 more years until launch, I would suspect things will taper off a bit this year but as soon as Alpha 3.0 drops, giving people something to do (trade, planet exploration, etc) it’ll start right back up again.

It’s kind of sickening in a way, yep. People who expected a 5 year development cycle have already gotten refunds. Chris Roberts lied about time lines but so far he’s followed through with what was stated would be created.


It does seem to have reached a fatigue level, hopefully people are just putting it on the back burner for the time being and hopefully CIG can deliver on their promises quite soon.
The subreddit stats are quite interesting if you’re into that sort of thing

Joe Blobers

This is a normal human reaction. Some understand what’s going on. Date pushed okay…. but they will got what they pledged for and even more.
Some are lost but stay quiet, other pretend they known by heart: this is vaporware.
Only the one with game industry understanding and IRL experience of vast project that take years can counter act the true trolls with and agenda of destruction. Well, I can’t blame them. This is their NDA after all.. and this is pretty entertaining:)

Hence my involvement, a bit more every day since a couple of months:

As trolls, I will fade out with them as I am intrinsically linked to their own involvment :)


Are you just advertising your site or something because I’m not seeing how discussing a quiet period has anything to do with trolling. In fact, nothing you wrote had any bearing on what I said at all.

Don’t you think it’s a bit fanatical to dedicate a website to opinions you don’t like, to my mind that’s just one side being as bad as the other. Typically the more attention you give trolls the more it works in their favour, they’d love that someone is going out of their way to build a website and dedicate time to them getting their jollies. Perhaps it might be worth rethinking your strategy.

Joe Blobers

To answer your first question, I am providing link to my site not advertising (this is not commercial but an opinion blog, I am not even providing my SC referral number)

If you think I was pointing out my site because of your comment, I never intented to say you were trolling.

About your question. Quote “Fanatical about to opinions you don’t like”

Meaning of fanatical: motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

So to be clear, I do not think CR is god or even approaching, that he can not make mistake or delivered a game without bugs with features that will please 100% of backers. I am not a religious man by any mean, either religion themselves, politic or science. I am a reasonnable agnostic who act and react based on facts, knowing people can make genuily mistake (me included) or be sometimes very low minded. This is not an insult, we all know people IRL or in business who are pretty slow to understand basic that need to be learned to understand the next step. Proven basic not that what I say is true in all circumstances.

SC is facing a special situation: the biggest funded Kicstarter in history mainly because of CR name and shared vision.
The very open nature of this project (which does not mean we backers have special right to seek in every internal email or finance accounts) does create an unstable situation where some start to doubt, some are dissatisfied or just waitting to get the final product while participating to modules patch tests.

Why mainly doubt and dissatisfaction? Because of scope change and consequences. Due to the unprecedented level of funds, CR did change game scope with SQ42 + SC, with approval of Community. You can search for disapproval 2 years ago either in web site or forum exchange. The level of visible disapproval is at best anecdotal. Since then, more than 60 M$ have been pledges.

This scope change means delivering AAA with MMO which is… very challenging. So some people are dissastified by expected dates pushed and express it. This is absolutely normal. Does the project become a scam in the meantime? Nope (my call based on my own experience, numbers, dates and current modules)

That is for genuine reaction by normal minded people. Now you have like in every internet situation, some who like to create havoc. In the case of SC, this is very special because of CR and one person I name Master Troll (because he like too much to see is name and do not deserve so). Read some of his posts, then compare to reality and you will see the level of sincere hatred this guy can deliver every day… and I do not like dishonest person. I can forgive them depending on level but this guy will never stop.

In case you have look at different posts of my site, this explain why. This is also explain how.

Now if you look at every SC article on internet, you will see around 10 + alts same guys copying/paste the seek minded crap of this Master Troll.

I do not know any game in history that have such… individual with such agenda to soil eveything touching a project. I hope you understand what I mean because this is indeed hard to believe but facts are facts and are verifiable..

As a backers, I have no problem with others backers being critical. But what we face here is a determined action by few, orchestrated by one seek guy, to hurt as much as possible what average Joe :) try to achieve by supporting this unique space game project done by someone who proved to deliver many times, backup by a talented team.

So in short, I decided to make a site because commenting endlessly in SC articles is not much efficient and because it allow none aware average Readers to make his own conviction through comments section. We know how useless are comments like: you are evil, no its you, no its…

I agree with you: the rule is not to feed the troll. But that mean leaving for the next 12 months the door open only to trolls. Again not average troll but dedicated raging trolls with a daily agenda to hurt +500.000 backers project. Project that nobody want to do except CR and backers. At the end, average Joe wandering around internet and seeing a SC article will drop in a comments section where only haters leave comments in an evil circle jerk.

I do not pretend to stop them (they won’t change their mind) but provide an alternate vision, hence the site, to those who decide to understand why so much hate and what is going on.

And it works. Master troll himself dropped me 3 comments in just a couple of weeks, something he never do, with words he never use. Because this site is hurting his quiet and determined actions, totally based on lies (the bigger the better) and obfuscation. For the first time average Joe is pointing out the strategy and public numbers and behavior, ignored by those too young to know him, comments that will be forgotten 2 days after article publication. A movie spotlight directed precisely on facts (lies) and proven incompetence since…. well as long as anybody crossed his path in fact.

What I am doing is a public cure service to avoid the disease to expand without any barrier.
One way is to hurt is wallet as he is indeed not the financially guy he pretend to be, by far. Afterall he is the one actively pushing for refunds by shooting prophecy of Doom. By adverstising who he is, this time with posts dedicated to his developer “achievement” since 20 years toward PC gamers Community, It hurt his plan to release his crap to the last platform he is targeting: Xbox1.

Before going that way, I though exactly like you. Is it going to give him more visibility? my answer is: Yes a bit. But not hundred of thousands of gamers are visiting Web sites game to be honest, even less take the time to leave comments, even less take the time to read them :) But at least this is not an open door with one single voice.

Is it counter productive? I do not think so. Those on the fence can read an alternative angle to those scam and other prophecy of Doom which are of an extreme violence and determination.

Is it going to last for ever? As long as necessary. CIG is going to release major patch and SQ42 in the next coming 12 (18 ?) months, giving strong appeasement to those who were “hurt” by the time to release such project and bringing in more bacekrs. More and more every quarter till say every major patch, we will see average troll lose energy and vocabulary,

Is not doing this site or counter acting trolls would stop Master Troll behavior? no and never at 100%. This guy is proven (not by me only) compulsive liar and hater of CR. The more CIG is going to deliver, patch after patch and even after relaese, the more he will go south.

The difference is that at one point, more or less around patch 3.0 then SQ42, he will lose any credibility to PC gaming community and Xbox at large as any Readers will be able to check SC state with latest (hopefully) mind blowing 3.0 and others jobs and game mechanism on youtube.

So as long as I feel that those guys have to be counteract, I will. I am a patient and determined guy.
If you are still here after reading this “ranting”, take care :)


Read my response to Armsbend. Not sure what your take on it is but the numbers are pulled for CIG’s funding page.

Darkwalker75 .

There are 2 different numbers that seems to be a matter for some debate and confusion.

The number you are referring to (1.700.000) are the number of accounts .

Where as the number @Joe Blobers are referring to(500.000) are the number of individual backers, since a lot of backers have multiple accounts.

MOP did an article on that last year.

Star Citizen has the financial backing of 500,000 fans

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CIG released a separate video for the sneak peak at the end:

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Space Captain Zor

reminds me of the sentinels drilling into stuff in the Matrix trilogy :P