Ultima Online’s F2P mode launches spring 2018, limits housing, boats, and banks

Two decades after launch, Ultima Online is still going strong, and as we reported over the weekend, soon – spring 2018, to be exact – it’ll be letting players jump in with a new free option. Of course, the new “Endless Journey” approach will have restrictions on it, hence a new FAQ detailing what players with free access can and cannot do.

Broadsword notes that the freebie option will include all expansions except for the most recent one, Time of Legends, and the High Seas booster pack. Bank storage is a big deal, too.

“Previous veteran accounts have access to remove a limited amount of items from their bank box,” the studio says. “Endless Journey accounts have access to a vault for secure storage that can be rented for in-game gold. Additional vault storage can be rented using tokens purchased from the Ultima Store. Vaults that become delinquent in their rent payments will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.” Fortunately, your “real” bank “will remain waiting for you until you decide to resubscribe or return as an Endless Journey account. The contents of your bank box will never be auctioned off. Remember though, Endless Journey accounts only have access to a limited number of items from their bank and may not add new items to it.”

Free accounts also can’t purchase or place houses or ships, manage vendors, or even enter private homes as guests or co-owners, but the F2P option still offers a solid chunk of the game to new and returning players who just want to dip their toes back in one of the first MMORPGs on the market.

Of course, the people who are still happily playing the game count for quite a bit, and the most recent producer’s letter thanks players for a successful celebration while welcoming veterans to the next stage of the ride. Let’s see where the game is in another decade, hmm? (We’re guessing the moon.)

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4 Comments on "Ultima Online’s F2P mode launches spring 2018, limits housing, boats, and banks"

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Wow, if this was already announced I totally missed it. Damn though, that’s both kinda neat and pretty big. One less P2P only game, and it’s one of the oldest MMO’s on the market making the switch this time.

Bryan Turner

There was an article about it a few days ago, I’m surprised that it’s so far in the future, your assume that they wouldn’t want it to slip out of peoples minds.

Bryan Turner

Why even mention it now, I mean UO is a cool piece of history and all but there’s no way in hell that they can generate a hype train to keep people interested in a limited F2P model that’s coming out practically a whole pregnancy from now?

I’ve got to be honest my interest just dropped like stone down an empty well, perhaps if there were some new features to advertise it would be worth talking about this far away from release.


I would think the purpose of this limited model is not to raise hype or get new players to play, but to get ex-players to give it another go (mostly due to nostalgia) and hope they transition back into subscription buyers again.