Mobile dino MMO Durango eyes global beta test

Have those post-Turkey Day blues? A good dose of dino fun is bound to pick up your spirits. Durango, the mobile survival sim featuring plenty of prehistoric beasts, just started taking pre-registrations for its global limited beta test today.

Fans can register for the test on the new official website, although at the time of this writing it doesn’t seem to be fully operational (but that’s just what the Emperor wants us to believe). The test looks like it will be for both Android and Apple devices.

You can catch up with Durango by watching its G-Star preview video after the break!

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Blade and Soul announces the Gunslinger and Korean F2P

It seems so very long ago, but the beginning of 2016 was dominated with excitement and expectations for Blade and Soul. For a good while there, it seemed like all anyone could talk about. Now that we’ve arrived at the end of the year, could the hype machine be gearing up once again for this fantasy title?

At G-Star this past week, NCsoft announced Blade and Soul’s 10th class, the Gunslinger. Can’t have an Asian MMO without a Gunslinger these days, are we right? The Gunslinger will be part of a large content update that will raise the level cap to 55, introduce a training ground, and add more zones and stories. The patch is expected to arrive on December 14th.

Another big show announcement is that the Korean version of the game will be making a business model shift from subscription to free-to-play.

You can see the Gunslinger in all of her excessive ammunition glory after the break!

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Astellia Online proves that MMOs and TCGs can coexist in harmony

One of the games that’s emerging from G-Star 2016 is Nexon’s Astellia Online, an MMO that heavily incorporates digital card game-like features into its combat design.

The trailer is here and it’s… interesting, to be sure. Apart form the rather wonky high-fantasy cutscenes, we are teased with glimpses of the interface, which seems to have the standard MMO hotbar setup on the left and a row of playing cards splayed out on the right. Also, there are flying unicorns and teleporting children who throw gears that look like they were pulled from Optimus Prime’s rig.

So how does the combination of MMO and card games work? Check it out after the break!

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Nexon teases us with a glimpse at Project Meta

Among the small army of titles that Nexon brought to G-Star this week is Project Meta. The studio didn’t actually bring the game itself, but rather a teaser trailer showing a few snippets of concept art and in-game scenes.

Pretty much all we know about Project Meta is that it’s an upcoming MMORPG that’s being made with the Unreal 4 Engine — and it doesn’t look like happy fun time, if the hanging bodies are any indication. The teaser’s tagline of “share, talk, try” certainly has us wondering about the game’s features.

Check out the teaser trailer after the break and see if you can’t glean anything useful out of it.

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Peria Chronicles shows off its gameplay at G-Star

Excitement around the Massively OP office has spiked concerning a certain Peria Chronicles. It might be easy to dismiss it on first glance as just a mindless anime MMO, but the truth is that its gorgeous cel-shaded graphics and deep sandbox elements are generating hype worth noticing.

Seeing Peria Chronicles’ trailer is one thing, but how does the game really handle when you’re not furiously cutting to new action scenes every second? Steparu has footage from Peria Chronicles’ floor demo at G-Star this week. If your interest is as piqued as ours for this title, you would do well to see how it performs in the following video.

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Webzen releases G-Star trailers for MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart

Going to Seoul for G-Star next week? Probably not, but if so, I’m jealous. If you were going, you’d be able to check out Webzen’s new offerings, including MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart. There are art books on sale too… ah hell, we just lost Eliot to the art book line. Be right back.

“First, exhibition area for PC online game MU Legend has a theatrical 3D panoramic screen installed for the visitors to enjoy Webzen’s G-star exclusive game trailer. There will be multiple events and giveaways, giving out high end graphic cards and other quality MU Legend gifts. In the play test area for MU Legend, visitors will be able to experience the game themselves. With the Official version, players will be able to revisit popular nostalgic dungeons such as Blood Castle as well as new key content Epic Dungeon.

“Exhibition for mobile game Azera: Iron Heart contains Trick Art sculpture and a large Titan model. In the game play area, there will be a cinematic trailer and a gameplay demo for visitors to experience the pinnacle of 3D mobile gaming. PvP (player versus player) section is also prepared for users to experience Azera’s real time PvP experience. Also, Webzen has prepared cosplay of main characters in MU Legend and Azera: Iron Heart. In both exhibition area, popular racing models dressed up and cosplay to join the fun.”

MU Legend debuts early next year, while Azera should be out before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Moon over the trailers from home right here:

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Peria Chronicles posts a new trailer in advance of G-Star 2016

G-Star 2016 is just around the corner, and that means that Western MMO fans can dazzle at the numerous Korean MMOs on display whilst hoping that some of them will actually show up in a localized form. One such game is Peria Chronicles, which has put out a new trailer in advance of the event. It’s only three minutes long, but it manages to pack a lot into those three minutes.

If you’ve been following the game since it was first announced, you should click on through to check out some character creation, world editing, combat, and all sorts of other stuff. If you’ve literally just heard of the game right now… well, why not still check out the trailer? Maybe it’ll be just what you’re looking for.

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Nexon is bringing a truckload of MMORPGs to G-Star this year

Nexon’s MMORPG catalogue is about to get a whole lot bigger. In a press release issued today, the studio has announced 35 new games, quite a few of them MMORPGs and mobile MMOs. Some of them were already known to us, and many are even at the stage that they’ll be shown at G-Star later this month.

Of note, we’re looking at

LawBreakers is also heading to South Korea after its debut here earlier in 2016. And there are a few other MMORPGs with little information available, including Project Meta, Dragon Nest II: Legend, and Durango. Given Nexon’s track record of porting its games westward, we think there’s plenty to be excited about. Check out some of the trailers below!
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NCsoft and Webzen are both working on multiple mobile MMORPGs

NCsoft and Webzen both have mobile games a-cookin’.

We already knew about Lineage Red Knights and Lineage Mobile; there were announced a year ago as mobile titles set in the Lineage world, although Lineage Mobile itself appears to be more of a mobile version of the original than a spinoff. Red Knights has gone cutesy and hasn’t yet announced a fully global launch.

Lots of trailers and more games below!

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Martial arts MMO Moonlight Blade is freaking gorgeous

So, Moonlight Blade looks pretty awesome. How do I know? Well, because Steparu has thrown a couple of the game’s G-Star videos up on YouTube. Moonlight Blade is a martial arts MMO with plenty of eye candy, including the cinematic stylings of two Hong Kong action masters. It’s developed by Chinese megacorp Tencent and it will be published in Korea by Nexon (hence its appearance at G-Star 2015 this week).

We’ve got two trailers for you after the break. The first one shows glimpses of character creation as well as plenty of wire-fu wuxia stuff. The second clip shows off some spectacular environments as well as — you guessed it — more combat.

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Lost Ark will be out of the public’s eye at G-Star

Fans hoping for personal views and hands-on time with the upcoming action-RPG Lost Ark at G-Star are in for a world of disappointment. While the game will be present, developer Smilegate’s booth will be tucked inside the private section and will not be hosting any demos.

The good news is that Smilegate might be withholding because it’s planning to make a big reveal in China soon. If nothing else, Lost Ark fans can drool over the new gameplay trailer that we’ve tucked away in a private section after the break.

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Watch Tree of Savior’s G-Star trailer

It seems as though Tree of Savior is really gathering positive word of mouth as of late, with beta testers gushing about the incoming Nexon title. Now you can watch the three-and-a-half minute G-Star trailer yourself and get a good idea whether or not Tree of Savior might be worth your time in the future.

The trailer provides an overview of the entire game, including characters running through flocks of flamingos and riding on guinea pigs. Actually, the hand-crafted environment does look like one of the best features of the title.

Check it out for yourself after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Lineage Eternal and Peria Chronicles are skipping G-Star

Steparu reports that a couple of big-name titles with MMO ties are no-shows at this week’s G-Star 2015 gaming megacon in Korea. NCsoft will forego new Lineage Eternal info in favor of Master X Master and Blade & Soul stuff, according to a company press release.

Similarly, the Nexon team responsible for anime sandbox MMO Peria Chronicles will be skipping G-Star. Steparu says that the dev team is purportedly focusing on the game itself instead of showcasing it to the public. You can click past the cut for a couple videos that introduce both Peria Chronicles and Lineage Eternal.

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