Daybreak teams reassure MMO players, deflect DDoS attacks


More assurances are coming your way from Daybreak Games, this time from reps of each of the studio’s games.

“Absolutely nothing” has changed, according to a Greg “SOELegion” Henninger post on the H1Z1 forums. “We’re properly staffed to move forward with our current development strategy. We’ll continue to be a transparent development team and we’ll continue on our promise and commitment to making this a player-driven game,” he writes before going on to mention a revised male player model and a female avatar “in the works.”

PlanetSide 2 Director of Development Andy Sites told fans that his team is still “fully supporting the game” with updates and the inbound PlayStation 4 launch. “Our top priority will be refining the Live game (bug fixing, optimizing, network performance, etc.) and improving the in-game quality of life,” he wrote. PS2 Creative Director Matt Higby announced his resignation yesterday.

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale has taken over as Executive Producer of EverQuest and EverQuest II. “In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing rare bosses for the AoM dungeons and more,” she said of EQII. As to classic EQ, she says the team is in a “ramp-up phase” but vows that everyone is “all-in” on “forming the future of EQ. Back-to-back Twitch livestreams are planned for 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday.

Daybreak’s Terry Michaels and John Smedley reassured players about the status of Landmark and EverQuest Next last week. EQN Producer Emily “Domino” Taylor echoed those sentiments in her own post to Landmark players.

Multiple Daybreak games and forums are currently offline; notorious e-thugs Lizard Squad have apparently taken credit for DDoS attacks on H1Z1 and the rest of what it referred to as “SOE” [tweet now deleted]. Smed has tweeted in apology for the downtime, saying, “Sorry folks. DDOS. Being worked on,” only to be taunted directly by said e-thugs.

[Source: H1Z1 forums, twitter, PS2 forums, EQ forums, EQII forums, Landmark forums. Thanks to 7BitBrian and Kinya. Bree Royce contributed to this report.]
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