One Shots: A new hope


Welcome back to One Shots, Massively OP’s weekly salute to excellent and interesting player screenshots! It feels good to be in our new home and able to post larger pics.

When we sounded the evacuation alarm from Massively, I forgot to rescue the remainder player screenshots from our One Shots email account. Fortunately, our EIC Bree was of a much more sound mind and grabbed them for me so that we could bring them over to the new site with the continuation of this column.

Our very first screenshot here is from longtime reader Dirty Klingon, who snapped this pic in Final Fantasy XIV: “My bro is a 1337 pro top d4wg, and when I play he runs me through dungeons. During one such dungeon run, I caught a duo-selfie with him, which he absolutely hates.”

o2I am in love this the angle and colors of the following screenshot from Age of Wulin. Sometimes the right angle can take a picture from ordinary to breathtaking.

“Taking a walk in Suzhou with my Kung Fu Queen,” writes reader K05h3lk1n. “This is still a beautiful sandbox with a beautiful world.”

o3Jumping off of high places is a game for the young and fall immune, I find. Since I am neither of these, I will view pictures like this at a distance and thank my lucky stars that I have my feet on the ground.

“I love finding high places to jump off to explore the world from a different angle in Blade & Soul,” reader Ekphrasis writes. “This is one of my Destroyers ‘flying’ through the trees using the Qing Gong gliding/flying ability that is unlocked during the introductory sequence. The environment was superbly detailed and with the speed when ‘air running’ I almost felt as if I was the star in a Wuxia movie.”

o4So right now I have just enough player screenshots and tales for one more week of One Shots, but this column’s very survival past that is up to you! Repopulate my inbox again with magnificent shots and stories from your MMO adventures by emailing with the subject line of “One Shots.”

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