Star Trek Online installs memorials for Leonard Nimoy and all those lost

No word on Lord of the Rings Online erecting a monument for the bravest hobbit of them all.
The death of Leonard Nimoy affects everyone who has ever been engaged in the Star Trek franchise, whether you were a lifelong fan of the original series or knew him only from his work in the reboot film and Star Trek Online. But he’s not the first luminary of the show to be lost, and Star Trek Online‘s new memorials are meant to commemorate not just Nimoy’s contribution to the universe but that of several key cast and crew members over the years.

Cryptic Studios is erecting a monument on both New Romulus and on Vulcan, with the latter placed in the same spot on the planet where players gathered to pay their respects after Nimoy’s death. These locations will also host a memorial plaque for all those lost from the franchise, including Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett. Last but not least, black flags will be flown in all of the faction hubs for the next week, signifying that the Star Trek Online team mourns the loss of a great inspiration and a well-respected man.

We’ve included the Twitch video of the ceremony below.

[Source: Leonard Nimoy Memorials]
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