Tree of Savior looks to fans to edit the English version of the game


To get Tree of Savior into the hands of international audiences as soon as possible, imcGAMES will be allowing fans to help correct a rushed English translation of the game.

CEO Hakkyu Kim said that “there are too many texts” for the team to tackle, so instead of outsourcing the translation, the upcoming international beta will use an open text client for on-the-spot language fixes: “The basic idea of OTC is to put all in-game text data into different language folders in the client so that it will be easier for our fans to see and edit them directly.”

Tree of Savior’s international test will occur after the upcoming Korean CBT2. CBT2 will add the Alchemist class, which has limited attack skills but can craft unique potions that can’t be obtained anywhere else. You can check out an Alchemist overview video after the break.

[Source: Update on the international test, MMO Culture. Thanks to Yorai Dragon for the tip!]
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