Frontier crowns its Race to Elite winners

Bye Felicia

Appropriately, the winner of Frontier’s Triple Elite competition is a Commander by the name of Onepercent. He played for 1,029 hours between December 18th and February 15th, and being the first Elite: Dangerous player to reach elite status in combat, trading, and exploration has netted him £10,000.

Eurogamer has published some insane numbers from this particular player, including 10,342 unique star systems visited, 9,032 kills, and 835,410 tons of goods traded. Onepercent does have a job, though it’s “casual” and it enabled him to devote 12 to 16 hours per day to E:D for a three-month period. You can watch David Braben’s announcement video after the cut.

[Via: Eurogamer; Source: YouTube]
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