Check out Overwatch’s Reinhardt gameplay video

The large old German man is not the villain. Groundbreaking!

If Overwatch were a tabletop RPG, Reinhardt is the guy who didn’t bother listening to the setting information and just made a knight with a huge hammer. Still, it’s hard not to like a guy who decided to just build a huge suit of power armor and act like a modern-day knight while everyone else is running around with guns.

To be fair, one of them has a bow, but it’s the principle of the thing.

You can see Reinhardt’s stomping tank-style gameplay in a video just below, showing off his durability as well as constructive use of his abilities. You also get a sense for his weaknesses, with the airborne Pharah providing him with a constant nemesis. Check out the video if you like the idea of stomping around with a rocket-powered hammer in the midst of a gunfight.

Source: YouTube
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