Camelot Unchained has made progress on performance, procedurally generated terrain, and more


It’s Friday, which means there’s probably a Camelot Unchained update floating somewhere around my inbox. Yep, here it is. Let’s see. Head honcho Mark Jacobs says that CityState has made “significant progress” on the rubberbanding and performance issues that have been focused on for the past few weeks.

There’s also a blurb about procedurally generated terrain, which is “moving along nicely.” Jacobs also mentions that an official beta announcement is coming “within the next two weeks,” so that’s pretty exciting news for fans of fantasy PvP sandboxes in generalĀ and Camelot Unchained in particular. There’s much more to this afternoon’s update, too, but you’ll need to click through the link below to read all of it!

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