Massively Opinionated: Which MMO payment model is the best?


For today’s episode of Massively Opinionated, we decided it was high time to lay some of the eternal MMO genre questions to rest, so Larry invited the cast of the Massively OP Podcast and Stream Team to take on those arguments themselves. The classic battles of MMOs as a genre take place here again, and we decide which answers are the best… right? Right?

This whole panel this week is from Massively Overpowered — specifically, the Massively OP Podcast and the OPTV Stream Team. We welcome Editor-in-Chief Bree Royce, podcast host Justin Olivetti, and MOP streamer MJ Guthrie to this special-edition not-quite-a-vidcast vidcast that ought to make the podcast fans in the audience happy!


Which MMO best represents today’s definition of an MMO? (4:31)

If you were to make an MMO today, which payment model would it have? (24:25)

Which two factions from two different MMOs would make the most interesting fight if pitted against each other? (45:08)

Build the best MMO for Massively OP readers. (55:56)


Bree Royce
Blog: Skycandy
Twitter: nbrianna

Justin Olivetti
Blog: BioBreak
Twitter: Sypster

MJ Guthrie
Blog: Looking For Shinies
Twitter: MJ_Guthrie

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