Sword Coast Legends early access starts in September

Dates might not be ideal here.

People attending PAX Prime this weekend will have the opportunity to play around in Sword Coast Legends on the show floor, but it won’t be long before those not at the show get to jump in on the game’s early access. There will be three phases of early access, with the first running from September 11th to the 13th for players who pre-ordered one of the collector’s edition packs.

The second early access period will be held from September 18th to the 20th for all pre-order customers, while the third will start on September 24th and continue through the game’s official launch on the 29th. Players who pre-ordered the collector’s edition will be able to access additional modes of play during the early access period. So don’t be jealous of the players who get to try out the game on the show floor if you’ve pre-ordered the game because your day is just around the corner.

Source: n-Space and Digital Extremes press release
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