sword coast legends

Official Site: Sword Coast Legends
Studio: N-Space and Digital Extremes
Launch Date: October 20, 2015
Genre: Fantasy dungeon crawler with GM tools
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC, Mac

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Sword Coast Legends ends development – grab it from Steam while you can

Better buy Sword Coast Legends while you still can: It appears that Wizards of the Coast and Digital Extremes will be ending the publishing...
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Sword Coast Legends is available today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Players who have been eagerly anticipating the console launch of Sword Coast Legends will no longer be able to anticipate that launch. It's happening...

Sword Coast Legends launches Rage of Demons DLC, delays console ports

Sword Coast Legends is launching new free DLC for its players today. Called Rage of Demons, the update includes a new Drizzt-themed campaign, the...
It's almost like getting what you were promised, only exactly not.

Sword Coast Legends’ n-Space shutters, but Digital Extremes says the game is OK

We've updated below with the statement issued to us by Digital Extremes. According to former n-Space artist Ben Leary, n-Space is closing down following a number...

Sword Coast Legends lands on consoles this spring

Sword Coast Legends has just announced that it's launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. "Sword Coast Legends will be available for purchase...
It's almost like getting what you were promised, only exactly not.

Sword Coast Legends postpones free update in favor of Rage of Demons expansions

Development schedules are tricky things. From the outside it's easy to look at them as promises, contracts made between players and developers, but in...

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Sword Coast Legends invites players to a free weekend

Sword Coast Legends had a bumpy start earlier this fall, with delays and mixed reviews upon release. However, the title has been patching in...

Sword Coast Legends adds fire, death, and deception just in time for the holidays

Most updates to a game around this time of year follow a rather predictable course, and we all know it. There's some snow, there's...

Sword Coast Legends adds companion skill trees, nature set

Sword Coast Legends continues to make good on its promise to provide free DLC patches to shore up the core game. The D&D title...

Sword Coast Legends releases soundtrack by Inon Zur

Sword Coast Legends is not without some muscle in the soundtrack department, as the game was scored by industry legend Inon Zur. And today...

The Stream Team: The story in Sword Coast Legends

MassivelyOP's MJ has already poked around a bit in a dev-made adventure in Sword Coast Legends during the head-start. But now that the D&D-style...

Sword Coast Legends team promises free DLC to expand the game’s core

If you want to play Sword Coast Legends right now, you can do so. It's out and available! And the initial reception of its...
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Sword Coast Legends has officially launched today

After a couple of delays over the past few months, Sword Coast Legends is now live on Steam and officially celebrating launch with a lengthy...

The Stream Team: Playing Sword Coast Legends with devs

If you've been wanting to see what Sword Coast Legends is all about, now is the perfect opportunity! Not only are MassivelyOP's MJ and...

Sword Coast Legends delays its launch again

Following a head start test this past weekend, Sword Coast Legends decided to move its PC and Mac launch date from September 29th to October 20th. Director...