Sword Coast Legends adds fire, death, and deception just in time for the holidays


Most updates to a game around this time of year follow a rather predictable course, and we all know it. There’s some snow, there’s some presents, there’s putting hats on snowmen. It’s predictable. So praise is due to Sword Coast Legends not just for having a whole lot of new features in its second free community pack for players and content creators, but also for not having it all be holiday-themed. Frankly, it’s more themed around fire, destruction, and agony.

See, one of the marquee additions with this community pack is the Drow sub-race, which of course means subterranean evil and the blessings of the spider queen Lolth. Creators can also now add environmental effects like fire to maps, thus doubling down on the destruction. There are also new hardcore options that make stabilizing far more difficult in combat. Sure, there are also plenty of other improvements, like a new village map and quest engine improvements, but it’s still a boldly destructive update for the time of year. You can check out a full rundown of the features in the video just below.

Source: Twitter, YouTube
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