ArcheAge patches in Heroes Awaken, reveals server merge compensation


As of the writing of this post, ArcheAge players are twiddling their thumbs during a two-day period of downtime during which several of the game’s servers are being merged and the Heroes Awaken 2.0 update is being installed. There’s understandable curiosity and apprehension over what the game will look like when ArcheAge comes back online tomorrow and a new land rush ensues on affected shards.

Trion Worlds is attempting to put some positive spin on the merges with the details of several different types of compensation packs, including one that will go out to any player who logs in during the next month and others that will be distributed to players who lost land or a castle.

Comments on the compensation package forum thread show widespread confusion and disapproval over the studio’s actions, including not informing players in advance that they would be losing their security (tax certificate) deposits.

One player remarked that the destruction hurt her personally: “I am happy to pay and help support the game I love so much, but this is not right. I cried knowing all our hard work is being demolished. I cried having to empty all my homes I had worked so hard on, cried watching my last sunset with my love in Enla.”

Here’s what else is in the patch:

Hero system – Up to 9 players per faction are elected as Hero by other players. Heroes are able to don a special cloak, have unique VFX, summon allies to their side and bolster the strength of their realm mates in combat. In major cities, Heroes also have their own council building.
Enhanced Guild System – Guilds have undergone significant improvements and will now be able to advance through many tiers of progression, unlocking powerful bonuses and abilities, as well as advance through expeditions, a system of events to complete. Guilds will also be able to declare war on opposition guilds and engage in battle anywhere in the world through the Guild Dominion system, including peaceful areas.
Housing Specializations – Medium and large size houses can now be upgraded to specialize in ArcheAge’s proficiency (crafting) system. Houses will undergo an upgrade to all-new visual models and contain workbenches, special livestock & planting areas, and other bonuses.
Diamond Shore Reborn – Diamond Shores has undergone a huge update with all-new events. Players will be able to help erect their faction’s fortress to gain a foothold in the zone and repel a deadly dwarven invasion. A new housing areas has become available and the revamped zone will be the battleground for many Hero vs Hero battles.
Hero’s Welcome Event – Existing players and returning players will be eligible for amazing rewards through the Hero’s Welcome event including unique titles, rare treasure chests, and the Royal Griffon mount – only the second flying mount that has released in ArcheAge.

Source: Official forums, YouTube, press release. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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