The Stream Team: Exploring ARK’s new snow and swamp biomes


With this week’s introduction ARK’s two new biomes, the planned boat races are off! At least until MassivelyOP’s MJ can remap the route. To do that, she needs to explore the swamp lands and face the gangs of crocs and snakes that reside there, and she’s bringing you along — for moral support, protection, whichever! After that adventure, she’ll be hitting the slopes: The new snow biome is a harsh but beautiful place. Tune in live at 11:00 p.m. to tour these new biomes and check out the new wildlife (frogs and wolves).

What: ARK: Survival Evolved
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 11:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past┬ástreams and playlists posted to our videos collection!


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