ArcheAge bans blockades, griefers cry about it


Those crazy ArcheAge kids, always mucking up the works! The latest bit of fantasy sandpark drama comes to us courtesy of the game’s official forum, where Trion laid the smack down on griefers who were blocking trade routes in safe zones and preventing players from delivering trade packs.

Trion community manager Celestrata outlined the changes, stating that while blockades initially seemed like a desirable offshoot of ArcheAge’s sandbox mechanics, the reality wasn’t as fun as the idea. Aside from the whole forced-PvP-in-a-safe-zone problem, the affected players typically have no way to free themselves from a blockade. As such, blockades are officially disallowed as of October 23rd. Trion did discuss a policy that included allowing blockades in conflict zones, but due to these zones occasionally changing to peace zones, the firm decided that preventing all blockade gameplay was a preferable solution.

You can read the full explanation, as well as a whole bunch of griefer guild tears, via the link below.

Source: Forums; thanks Matt and Kinya!
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