Paladins adds deserter system and Evie, the Winter Witch

That's cool.

Hi-Rez Studios has released as new a video that details Paladins‘ 0.8 update. Lead designer Rory Newborough says it’s a big patch that makes many core changes to gameplay as well as “tweaks to cards and systems.”

The video also introduces the newest addition to the champion roster, Evie the Winter Witch. She’s described as the queen of misdirection and hit-and-run tactics. Newborough says she plays “very differently than other champions,” and goes on to outline her major abilities.

The 0.8 patch also adds a deserter system and “cranks up the harshness” on the AFK system, so beware if you start a match that you can’t finish. The full patch preview vid is just after the cut.

Source: YouTube
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