Heroes of the Storm adds recruit-a-friend rewards

I feel like this fundamentally misunderstands friendship.

Sometimes you put up with a lot from your friends, and sometimes they have to put up with something for you. After all, you know that someĀ of your friends don’t really care for the MOBA genre, so you don’t mention your obsession with Heroes of the Storm. But now there’s a whole recruit-a-friend thing available, and it has an exclusive mount. So that means it’s time to bite the bullet and call up the handful of friends you have who could be convinced to play the game until you get the mount.

If you’re in that position, at least you’re not one of the folks who’ve already recruited everyone they know and can no longer benefit from it. Game Director Dustin Browder apologized to them via Twitter:

He further implied he’s aware of the rash of mule accounts being created in the service of acquiring those rewards. “That was not the intent,” he tweeted. “[T]hat is not good.”

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Tyler.
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