Mytheon returns to life as a B2P title


Mytheon, a Greek mythology-themed MMO developed by Petroglyph, had an unusually short run as a live game, lasting only from March through July of 2011 before being shut down due to an insufficient playerbase. Now it’s back — and with a new business model.

Petroglyph has retooled the game and put it on Steam as a buy-to-play title (it’s currently on sale for just $4), with possible plans to finish up a chunk of Egyptian content for the future. Mytheon is notable for its isometric viewpoint and its use of a deck-building system for combat.

The studio explained its strategy in giving Mytheon a second lease at life: “Our design team spent the last few weeks readjusting the leveling curve, added features that made player progression much easier, and took all of the purchasable items and placed them into the random loot tables. We think the result is a good balance between challenging content and reasonable effort to progress though the content. And, since the servers don’t cost much to operate, we’re able to keep the cost really low for our players.”

Source: Steam via Thanks to Enikuo for the tip!
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