Abandoned crowdfunded MMO Greed Monger is apparently back in production


Just when you thought the Greed Monger drama was so 2015, now it’s back.

The crowdfunded MMO sandbox appeared to have gone belly-up last year when its lead programmer quit as a result of not being paid by the game’s project lead, and then the project lead himself quit, and then in May, the lead programmer announced the game was dead. MMO gamers who’d backed the game to the tune of $100,000 were understandably ticked, and the game became one of the favorite poster children for MMO crowdfund disasters.

Today, James Proctor, the same lead programmer who declared the game dead last year, announced on a refreshed but barebones Greed Monger website that the game is now back in production.

“Welcome back Greed Monger Community,” he writes in a blog post. “After the drama and disappointments of 2015 I’m glad to be back with you guys and ready to get this game launched.”

Proctor claims that Greed Monger returned to production late last summer, that he’s working on new content, and that he’s attempting to round up backers and followers to test the game. There’s no mention of the former project lead or money.

Source: Official site. With thanks to @SurvivedNemo!
Update: Readers have pointed out that the blog post referenced here has since been taken offline, though the website, forum, and blog itself remains.
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