League of Legends introduces mobile friend app, standardizes penalties

Why else do you play League of Legends if not to make friends? And when you attain such friends, isn’t it important to be connected to them 24/7? Thank goodness for Riot Games’ new League Friends app, which mostly serves as a friends list and chat room while you’re on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Hopefully you don’t play League of Legends to violate the game’s rules and standards of conduct, because if you do, then the game police with their Riot gear (sorry) will come after you. The studio is standardizing its penalty system across the board for professional players, separating infractions into smaller offenses (which go into the League Championship Series Index) and major boo-boos (which are filed under the Global Index). Breaking the rules on the professional level can mean anything from a fine to a permanent ban.

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