SMITE brings in the winter goddess Skadi, starts selling 2016 season ticket

Winter might be defrosting fast in the northern hemisphere, but in SMITE it’s only getting going.

The MOBA introduced the winter goddess Skadi this week in patch 3.4, and she might be the best thing that the season’s produced since Jack Frost.┬áSkadi can summon snowstorms, change into a beast form, fling her spear, and call a winter wolf to her side for battle.

SMITE also started selling its 2016 season ticket to players who want to pursue an alternate reward track this year. The season ticket costs 450 gems to activate and immediately delivers a special Bellona skin to the purchaser. Rewards can be earned by winning matches and voting on esports match-ups and include chests, skins, and announcer packs.

You can watch the Skadi god reveal video after the jump!

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