Heroes of the Storm’s Lost Cavern is a straight-up one-lane slugfest

Nothing can ever stay the same.

One of the big things that makes Heroes of the Storm distinct in its genre is the fact that every single map has a whole lot of nuance to it. Victory need not go to the team with the strongest heroes if the heroes in question play smart and take advantage of a map’s unique features. But sometimes you want to just rush in and have a straight team battle, and that’s what the new Lost Cavern map is all about. Nothing fancy, nothing overly ornate, just two teams on either side with no reason to retreat and no cause to give ground.

Lost Cavern can only be accessed via custom games, so you know what you’re getting into before you log into the match. Hearthstones and starting area heals have both been disabled as well, so you have no reason not to keep pushing forward as a team. If you’ve longed for a mode that was just a straight-up brawl of skill against skill, Lost Cavern is probably going to be your new best friend for single-lane fights.

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