MMOTBS Pox Nora launches Spirits Beyond, its 28th expansion


Born in 2006, online tactical turn-based strategy game (wheeee) Pox Nora is today releasing its 28th expansion, called Spirits Beyond.

“Spirits Beyond adds 51 all new Runes, along with over 20 new abilities and mechanics to the game. The ongoing story arc of Pox Nora sheds light upon the mysterious ruins of a once forgotten city and its history. These revelations along with the incursion of the spirit elemental, known as the Arroyo, makes this one of the most surprising and epic times in the lands of Poxanthuru. The big new addition in Spirits Beyond is the long awaited Hand of Death campaign. This challenging 5 mission story arc follows a band of Protectorate heros as they discover and ultimately face one of Pox Nora’s most powerful antagonists. This campaign reveals some of the larger events that have occurred in Pox Nora over the past expansions. The Hand of Death campaign is available for both paid and free-to-play currencies on the Pox Nora Marketplace. Completing this brand new campaign on Legendary will award the Glimpse of Death limited edition rune! This is the only way for player to acquire this one of a kind rune.”

You might recall Pox Nora from its days under SOE’s banner, but the game is alive and well post-SOE in the hands of Desert Owl Games. The expansion video is below!

Source: Press release, Steam
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