Neverwinter warns players of incoming nerfs

Nobody loves to be on the receiving end of the mighty nerf-bat, which is probably why Cryptic is trying to cushion the blow by giving the Neverwinter community a heads-up that several “fairly major power reductions” are incoming with a future patch.

The nerfs will be impacting the Lostmauth’s Vengeance artifact as well as several overpowered abilities in the Oathbound Paladin and Devoted Cleric arsenal. It’s not all bad news: Guardian Fighters are scheduled to receive some nice buffs to help the class with its tanking role. Cryptic went into depth on each of the nerfs and its reasoning behind making them.

“We make changes like these with the best of intent: to make the game we all love into a better experience for everyone,” Cryptic said “While there are big changes to these powers, and will create a large shift in the way top-end players do end-game content, we feel like these changes do make the game an overall better experience — leading to a healthier and more enjoyable, challenging experience for all.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Teppic for the tip!
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