Black Desert Korea promises playable dark elves, ocean content


We got much more out of last week’s Daum interviews and press conferences than major release dates for the next class pairs and Awakening/Valencia updates over here in the west. The South Korean conference announced a whole new batch of content for the game, which we can only assume will eventually trickle over to us.

I’m sorry, Justin, but it’s elves.

Yes, this summer a new elf-themed landmass called Silvia Camara will pop up in the Korean version of the game, complete with playable dark elves. Following that content will be a dwarf-and-giant-themed wintry landmass. Fancy the pirate’s life? Daum’s promised a huge new ocean area complete underwater content, naval combat, merchant vessels, and a sailing life skill. You can also expect new Awakenings for Ninja, Kunoichi, Wizard, and Witch. Tier 9 mounts round out the best bits of the planned content schedule, and yes, elf fiends: There’s a unicorn and pegasus.

In other news, MMO Culture reports that Daum, which is owned by South Korean gaming company Kakao, has been merged with Nzin, Kakao’s other gaming subsidiary. The site posits that the multi-platform Nzin, aims to continue expanding globally positioned against other Korean giants like NCsoft and Nexon.

Source: Inven, Reddit, Dulfy, Steparu, MMO Culture. With thanks to MikeyMoo, Unicorn, Leiloni, and Winterskorn.
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