Crowfall delays features for more polish, looks at a ‘soft launch’

Oh. Hunger beasties. Cool.

ArtCraft came out yesterday and admitted that it will not be able to make its projected dates on certain Crowfall features without sacrificing quality, and as such the studio announced that it will be pushing certain unspecified features into 2017 while it continues to polish the game.

After looking at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Crowfall’s current state of development, ArtCraft said that it wasn’t really a choice to make the decision to extend work on the game’s systems until they are up to par. To mollify the community, the studio announced that it is planning on a “soft launch” of Crowfall once the game is at least to the point where it’s stable and won’t require wipes any more.

“We are going to take as long as it takes, but instead of shooting for a single launch date (and delaying that day until we complete ALL planned features and content), we are aiming for a soft launch to get you in, and playing, as quickly as possible,” ArtCraft said. The studio declined to give any timetable for the rollout of this soft launch.

Source: Crowfall
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